Latest Developments of 5centsCDN in Q2/Q3 2021

We are constantly working towards improving our services. Keeping the tradition alive, this past quarter has been quite productive and fruitful. We have released some amazing features for our valuable customers to take your content delivery experience to a whole new level. Let’s have a look at some of the latest developments in Q2 and Q3 and what new features we have introduced:

Apr 2021

Just when you thought that our content delivery network services cannot get any better, here we are, with some new, exciting, and practical updates. 

We had started the second quarter of the year 2021 with high yet realistic goals. In April, our focus has mainly been on improving your viewing experience by enhancing live streams and adding advanced features:

May 2021

As we moved further towards the month of May, a number of ideas were floated among the team regarding new features. And after thoughtful consideration, we picked the best ones for you. The ultimate goal is to provide you with a one-stop content delivery solution with our latest developments. A solution that is accessible to everyone regardless of their budget or other limitations. This mantra has motivated us to introduce: 

June 2021

We’re letting you know first about our latest developments so you can get to experience some of the most robust features at 5centsCDN. The powerful new ways to stream your content while keeping track of all your stats and analytics is what we focused on during the month of June. 

July 2021

We finally entered the third quarter with some services updates. Nothing compares to the high-quality content delivery paired with a user-friendly dashboard to navigate your journey. Being in control of your files and overall content is what we’re offering;

August 2021

Along with some invaluable new additions to our features list, we have made some useful and long due up-gradation to our existing ones. It is an effort towards making continuous efforts to keep improving our services for you. 

September 2021

We promise to keep working towards better services and products in the time to come. Till then, enjoy your lightning-fast and effective content delivery with 5centsCDN. 

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