Video Player Analytics SDK

Our Analytics, Your Player!

Our Video Analytics SDK makes it simple! It plugs right into any third-party player you already use.

This means you get deep insights into viewer behaviour, all without switching players.

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Why Choose 5centsCDN
Video Analytics SDK?

What will you Get?

  • Select Your Report Period
    Select Your Report Period

    Choose daily or monthly reports for trend tracking or in-depth analysis.

  • Minute-by-Minute Granularity
    Minute-by-Minute Granularity

    Gain detailed insights with precise, minute-by-minute performance data.

  • Discover Your Audience Demographics
    Discover Your Audience Demographics

    Uncover detailed audience demographics for targeted content strategies.

  • Effortless Data Analysis and In-Depth Insights
    Effortless Data Analysis and In-Depth Insights

    Choose daily or monthly reports for trend tracking or in-depth analysis.

Ready to Transform Your
Video Analytics Approach?

Simplify your analytics journey in three steps:
Download, Integrate, and Analyze with 5centsCDN Analytics SDK

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Embark on your path to deeper audience understanding and strategic content evolution with 5centsCDN Video Analytics SDK. Download your preferred SDK version today and turn insights into action.









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