Video Encoding

For an enhanced streaming experience, 5centsCDN Transcoding services let the broadcasters convert their media files to MP4 format to make the videos viewable across multiple platforms and devices.

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Instant Conversion

Professional solution for transcoding multimedia files without compromising on the quality of the content. 5centsCDN lets you Upload and instantly convert your files to MP4 and WEBM formats.


Custom Encoding Profiles

We have created a number of preset profiles which you can utilize to encode your video file. Let’s begin distributing content directly with different bitrates to match the connection speed of every user.


1 & 2 Pass Encoding

Analyze your files thoroughly in the first pass followed by the creation of an intermediate file. In the second pass, the encoder looks up the intermediate file and appropriately allocates bits, this is where the actual encoding takes place.


Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Deliver your live streams using adaptive bitrate streaming that aims to suit the viewer’s connection speed. It helps you maintain the quality of the content and improve your viewer’s experience.

Minute price

Minute Price

Video Encoding pricing is extremely simple. Once you buy the transcoding minutes, we bill you only for the length of the video. Billing is not based on file size or the bandwidth, but only on the length of a per-minute factor.

Flat billing

No Limit

There is no limit to transcoding or file size that you can upload. Transcode any file size but we do recommend not to exceed more than 5 GB. Also, you can deliver to any number of viewers using our CDN via HLS.

Encoding Status

Encoding Status

Have complete insight into your streaming activities to maintain the quality of services. 5centsCDN offers a complete status of your encoding as to where the process stands at a certain given time.

Direct cloud

Direct Cloud Storage Access

5centsCDN offers you the freedom to select files directly from your cloud storage. The files available in the cloud storage can also be processed right there without having to export them.

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Combined File Transcoding

This advanced feature allows conversion of videos to as many formats as you need. Allowing the end-user or player to select the best quality based on the network settings or on user preference to save bandwidth or have rich content experience.

Compatibility and convenience go hand in hand with high-quality video encoding!

No compromise on the video quality with might video encoding feature at 5centsCDN

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Video Encoding

Providing an outstanding video experience

Enhance Video Encoding

Our Transcoding service allows you to convert your media files to MP4 format (240p, 360p, 480p to 720p) making your videos viewable across multiple platforms and devices and built-in CDN enable smooth delivery!

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Parallel Encoding

Do you have multiple video files to be transcoded at the same time and go live asap? Parallel Encoding helps you to do multiple video encoding simultaneously. Our scalable video encoding farm will take care of your encoding work loads. Add an extra encoder at the cost of just $5/month/encoder.

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H264/H265/V9 Support

Convert video files to multiple formats to cater most of the user devices at the lowest file sizes possible.

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Built-in CDN

Encode your video files and once done you are ready to deliver on one of the fastest CDN networks.

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No, you can create any number of transcoding profiles!


Yes, we pretty much support all formats, and if you face any issues contact support!

Yes, you can use our extensive API to integrate encoding workflow into your platform or app

If the job fails, we DO NOT charge you!






If your source file is 10 mins and quality is 1080p, and you want to create 3 output profiles like 720p, 480p, and 360p. In this use case, total transcoding minutes will be 30 mins for 3 profiles:
720p: 10 mins
480p: 10 mins
360p: 10 mins

Yes, you can enable upload files to a specific folder and we can encode the preset profiles you have selected.

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