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For an enhanced streaming experience, 5centsCDN Transcoding services let the broadcasters convert their media files to MP4 format to make the videos viewable across multiple platforms and devices.

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Live Recording DVR

Multi Bitrate Transcoding

Our GPU based transcoding architecture is a powerful resource that reduces the complexity and operational pricing, putting an end to bandwidth bottlenecks thereby allowing users to experience high quality stream.

Live Recording DVR

No Limit

There is no limit for transcoding. You can transcode a 24 x 7 stream or event a short time live event. Also you can deliver to any number of viewers using our CDN via HLS.

Live Recording DVR

Multiple Profiles

Create any number of output streams to provide viewers with an optimal experience across web and mobile devices.

Live Recording DVR

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Improve your viewer’s experience by delivering the live streaming content using adaptive bitrate streaming to suit the viewer's connection speed.

Live Recording DVR

Cloud Transcoding

Cloud transcoding is deployed on a cloud instance and we also offer dedicated server transcoding which are deployed on dedicated server which will limit them to the uptime of the server itself.

Live Recording DVR

Flat Billing

You only pay a flat fee per month. There are no room for worries regarding the overages or hourly billing.

Live Recording DVR

Preset Profiles

Customized and preset encoding profiles that target a specific device or a set of devices.

Live Recording DVR

Number of Stream Outputs

Get three profiles or stream outputs (including the source) at a flat price.

Live Recording DVR


With Live transcoding filters you can add your logo and watermark. It also allows you to rotate or flip your live stream or VOD. Explore these filters and be creative with them.

Improve your viewer’s experience by delivering live streams in multiple bitrates.

Ensure a buffer-free streaming experience for your viewers

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Is there any limitation for number when encoding profile?

Is there any limit for file size?

Can I upload any file formats?

Do you provide an API for the encoding process?

Do you charge for failed or error encoding jobs?

Do you support watermarking and logo insertion?

Do you support WebM?

Do you support thumbnail creation?

Do you provide a webhook option?

How does VOD Transcoding billing work?

Do you have an auto encoding function?

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Comprehensive CDN platform

Anything on CDN and 5Cents & team can assist you with the set of capabilities and features that they enable. Right from security aspects to streamlined content they hust support on everything

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