Cloud Storage

State-of-the-Art Cloud Storage service is yet another swift feature that allows the broadcasters to build a custom platform that lets them deliver high-performance, secure and scalable videos by complementing in-house capabilities. This service offers file scheduling to play content for/in a set amount of time, in addition, to live streaming, at a high speed and scale as required.

15-days Free Trial - No Setup Fee - Cancel Anytime

Build a custom platform for your viewers using cloud storage

3 x Data Redundancy

Rest assured that your data is always secure within our foolproof cloud environment. 5centCDN keeps 3x copies of your data backup to avoid encountering a data loss.

Premium Network

Our partners are guaranteed to be connected to world-class networks and experience high-quality services with Tier 1 IP transit providers along with major ISP’s across the globe.

Flat Pricing

Enjoy the flat pricing structure for individuals as well as enterprise customers who require bulk storage space and prefer a stable contract. No request cost or any other hidden charges.


Have your data encrypted before streaming it to avoid security threats. You can opt-in for free shared SSL or we can install custom dedicated SSL for you free of cost or any hidden charges.

Custom CNAME

Use your own custom URL for the domain by choosing your preferred CNAME that points one domain to another rather than to an IP address and access your contents on our Cloud Storage.

Secured Delivery

We ensure the protection of your content in the storage space against any kind of scraping threats, various online attacks, and data theft so you can solely focus on your business.

We offer our clients 99% performance-based SLA rather than network uptime. Our unique routing mechanism takes an anomaly CDN node offline to help achieve a 100% uptime.

Reports & Analytics

Keep yourself updated and have a complete picture of the user behavior when it comes to your content; such as insights about who watched your stream from where, and how many hits, etc.


In case of any issues or queries regarding your cloud storage account, our dedicated professionals at the technical support team are available 24/7, 365 days a year for your assistance.

Enjoy custom platforms with high-quality, scalable videos.

Unlimited storage for your videos based on your business needs

Sales & Client solutions team typically responds within 1 business day.


We’d love to learn more about you!👂 In this short call, we’ll figure out your business needs and see if our product is right for you.

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We have a pay-go pricing model and pricing is $0.05 per GB flat each month



We have global replication as well as we 3x copy of your data in 3 different data centers at any given point in time!

You can store unlimited data no limit or cap.

There is no limit, you can upload any size file!

Yes, by default we support Swift API (S3 compatibility) & S3 API.

The data resilience rate is 100%. For further information, please refer to the SLA.

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