Our Cloud Storage service builds a custom platform that allows you to deliver high-performance, secure and scalable videos by complementing in-house capabilities. This service will allow you to deliver objects at a high speed and scale as required.


Enjoy cloud storage with the best features.

Cloud Storage Providers

3 x Data Backup

Your data is always secure within our cloud environment. We maintain 3x copies of your data so that never encounter a data loss from our end.

Cloud Storage Providers

Premium Network

Our partners connected to world class networks and work with Tier 1 IP transit providers and major ISP’s across the globe.

Restream - Simulcast - Youtube Facebook Restreaming

Flat Pricing

We offer flat rate pricing for individuals and enterprise customers who demands bulk storage space and prefer a stable contract. No request cost or any other hidden cost.

Video on Demand - VOD Services - VOD Streaming


You can use our free shared SSL or we can install your custom dedicated SSL for NO monthly fee.

Cloud Storage Providers

Custom CNAME

Use your own custom URL for the domain by choosing your preferred CNAME to access the resources and your contents on our Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage Providers

Secured Delivery

We protect the content from scraping threats, various online attacks and data theft which ensures secure delivery of your content.

Cloud Storage Providers

99% SLA

We do offer a 99% performance based SLA rather than network uptime. Our unique routing mechanism takes an anomaly CDN nodes offline hence we achieve a 100% uptime.

Control Panel

Reports & Analytics

You will get the complete picture of the user behavior such as insights about who watched your stream, from where and how many hit’s etc.

Cloud Storage Providers


If you encounter any issues or if you have any queries regarding your cloud storage account, you can reach us anytime as our technical experts are available 24x7.

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