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Delivery Acceleration

More efficient and lightning-fast browsing enabled

We accelerate your website or web application’s static and dynamic assets such as style sheets, JavaScript files, and images. Our delivery acceleration solution is used by Gamers, publishers, advertising agencies, OTT / IPTV, and software companies.

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CDN Live Streaming

Speed up your website for a better user experience and higher turnover

User satisfaction

The lesser the load time, the happier the customer will be while scrolling through the website.

Higher conversion

Better user experience ensures positive association with the brand & boosts up the revenue.

Website optimization

Better content (image) quality automatically helps your website rank higher..

Improve your web performance with our mighty features

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Purge allows you to manage the content which is being served through our platform at 5centsCDN. Using this advanced feature you can delete a single file or multiple files from the edge servers.

Live Recording DVR

Origin Shield

We ensure that your stream is protected from external attacks. Ensure stability and foolproof security as we troubleshoot any issue within a very minimum resolution time.

Live Recording DVR

Edge Rules

Be in charge of your services. Edge Rules gives you instant control over how your content is delivered. You can customize your asset delivery, security measures, SEO, and mobile experience.

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5centsCDN provides an optimized secure socket layer stack, and always-on intelligent provisioning thereby making our SSL fast, extremely efficient, and cost-effective.

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Referrer Access Control

Steer clear of any vulnerability found in web applications. 5centsCDN allows you to have complete control over which referrers are allowed or disallowed to access your CDN assets.

Live Recording DVR


You can decide which countries the stream should be allowed or blocked in. Be in control of your content as we put in place certain measures to limit the access of the user to the content in some locations. It ensures the integrity of a content provider by securing the services.

Live Recording DVR

HTTP Live Stream

If you have an origin media server like Flussonic or Wowza, then it is possible to deliver your HTTP live streams (HLS/DASH) via 5centsCDN using Pull Zone.

Live Recording DVR

Raw Logs

Not a big fan of graphic presentations, tables, and charts? Well, Raw Logs allow you to see who has visited your website in simple figures. They are generated & delivered after they are packaged by the server

Live Recording DVR

Token Security

Security comes first hence we provide an authentication token for protecting your content that prevents access to unauthorized users. You can generate a unique URL that expires from minutes to days hence nobody can copy it.

How about a lightning-fast browsing experience?

Exceptional performance without any compromise on the quality

How about a lightning-fast browsing experience?


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Do you charge for the cached content when I am using the pull zone?

Do you charge for using the origin shield?

Do you allow adult content?

Do you bill traffic from origin servers?

Do you provide phone support, slack, or WhatsApp?

How does 5centsCDN speed up my entire website?

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Hannah W.

starMay 31, 2024

Comprehensive CDN platform

Anything on CDN and 5Cents & team can assist you with the set of capabilities and features that they enable. Right from security aspects to streamlined content they hust support on everything

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