SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

SSL is a digital certificate and a networking protocol designed for encrypting the data that is transferred between a web browser and server across the internet, which helps keep the data private and free from attacks. 5centsCDN provides an optimized secure socket layer stack, advanced hardware, and always-on intelligent provisioning thereby making our SSL fast, extremely efficient, and cost-effective.

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Easy Installation

Unlock the advanced and maximum security for your data through encryption as 5centsCDN provides easy SSL installation that can be done in under ten minutes by our engineers upon request.

SSL Certificate Management

Quick and easy management of SSL is offered across the board however, Clients can upload certificates to the console if required and our team will efficiently manage and install it for them.


Integrate your technology with ours as we provide ease of development and a consistent, programmatic method for accessing a resource using multiple Application Programming Interface.

Shared SSL

Instead of purchasing one of your own, you can use the SSL provided for your CDN free of cost. In this case, the URL will be showing your ‘hostname address/username’ in the address bar.

Custom SSL

Get an SSL certificate exclusively for your domain name for monetary transactions using a credit/debit card. It enables an extra layer of security for paid streaming services and login authentication.

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