Looking to switch your CDN provider?

Switching a CDN provider is not like moving from one hairdresser to another. It’s complex and should be thought through.

Ask yourself this question: what is it that you’re looking for in an ideal CDN provider?

Is your current CDN provider ripping you off? Look up your bandwidth with your hosting provider and compare it with 5centsCDN. We offer easy billing with no hidden charges.

You don’t have to opt-in for services that you don’t need. Our experts will help you find the right plan for you that sits perfectly well with your business requirements.

Our free trial period helps in evaluating the overall CDN performance so you can compare it with your current provider. A fast, sturdy and uninterrupted content delivery is ensured at 5centsCDN.

Here’s your step by step guide
to switch your CDN Provider

Checkout our CDN Assist Migration?

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