Origin Shield

Our live origin shielding guarantees that we will only pull one stream from your origin server, ensuring that it is protected from multiple requests and other external attacks. Origin shield deployment at 5centsCDN also enables us to troubleshoot any issue within a very minimum resolution time and is deployed with complete redundancy to ensure stability, maximum control, and foolproof security.

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Minimum latency

By selecting the closest Live Origin Shield Server, users can experience the fastest and uninterrupted streaming as we ensure our clients minimum latency and maximum performance.

Redundant Architecture

Origin shield servers are deployed in 2x redundancy therefore, in case one server goes offline, streaming will not be affected and your content will be pulled via our backup origin shield server.

Minimized origin cost

We make sure that the volume of requests your origin is handling is reduced. It helps decrease the operating costs of your origin for expenses like emersion and just-in-time packaging.

Custom Origin Server

A state-of-the-art custom origin server is crafted to meet your needs. The custom origin server is directly plugged into the network that helps us maximize the video quality and performance.

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