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Get to know your audience and content better than ever before with our enhanced analytics.

Monitor your audience's demographics, gain comprehensive insights, track engagement, and identify patterns effortlessly!

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Total HITS
Total HITS
Total Impressions
Total Impressions
Total Views
Total Views
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Player Loading Time
Total Duration Played
Total Duration Played
Total Unique Views
Total Unique Views


Fuel Your Content's
Strategic Evolution


Choose From Daily Check-Ins For Quick Insights Or In-Depth Monthly Reviews For A Comprehensive Understanding Of Your Content's Performance.

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  • Evolve with Your Audience

    Adapt content dynamically to meet changing viewer interests and grow your audience.

    Evolve with Your Audience
  • Strategize with Insight

    Decipher video trends and engagement for deep dives into viewer preferences.

    Strategize with Insight
  • Performance Insights

    Leverage data for smarter decisions and stronger content strategies, fueling business growth.

    Performance Insights
  • Anticipate and Act

    Use data to foresee content challenges and implement timely enhancements.

    Anticipate and Act

Get instant insights into your video's performance with real-time data access.

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Hannah W.

starMay 31, 2024

Comprehensive CDN platform

Anything on CDN and 5Cents & team can assist you with the set of capabilities and features that they enable. Right from security aspects to streamlined content they hust support on everything

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