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Slow browsing is such a pain, how about speeding it up?

Perfect solution for Gamers, publishers, AD agencies, OTT/IPTV, and software companies to avoid any latency, increase website speed and performance in delivering content through balancing. 5centsCDN speeds up and improves the performance of the static assets of your website.

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E-commerce websites

A slow website can be frustrating when it comes to selling/buying services and products online. 5centsCDN’s groundbreaking web acceleration solution helps make things better by speeding things up with minimum effort.

Digital Publishing

With a Deeper engagement and wider audience of modern technology, you can redefine real-time journalism. 5centsCDN enables you to provide a seamless viewing experience of video, audio, and e-books content to your audience on any device they can think of.

Time to first byte (TTFB)

Slow server response time leads to long loading durations which can be an issue. We thrive to keep your customers happy by optimizing the server. 5cents helps ensure that no visitor has to wait for more than 600 ms for the server to respond to a request.

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Loading Speed

No unnecessary long pauses while you wait for the website to load. Experience the lightning-fast content delivery

Optimized content for better conversion

Don’t let visitors abandon you because of the slow loading rate. Speed up your website, boost your SEO, and ensure an increased conversions.

Improve your web performance with our best features


Purge allows you to manage the content which is being served through our platform at 5centsCDN. Using this advanced feature you can delete a single file or multiple files from the edge servers.

Origin Shield

We ensure that your stream is protected from external attacks. Ensure stability and foolproof security as we troubleshoot any issue within a very minimum resolution time.

Edge Rules

Be in charge of your services. Edge Rules gives you instant control over how your content is delivered. You can customize your asset delivery, security measures, SEO, and mobile experience.


5centsCDN provides an optimized secure socket layer stack, and always-on intelligent provisioning thereby making our SSL fast, extremely efficient, and cost-effective.

Referrer Access Control

Steer clear of any vulnerability found in web applications. 5centsCDN allows you to have complete control over which referrers are allowed or disallowed to access your CDN assets.


You can decide which countries the stream should be allowed or blocked in. Be in control of your content as we put in place certain measures to limit the access of the user to the content in some locations. It ensures the integrity of a content provider by securing the services.

HTTP Live Stream

If you have an origin media server like Flussonic or Wowza, then it is possible to deliver your HTTP live streams (HLS/DASH) via 5centsCDN using Pull Zone.

Raw Logs

Not a big fan of graphic presentations, tables, and charts? Well, Raw Logs allow you to see who has visited your website in simple figures. They are generated & delivered after they are packaged by the server

Token Security

Security comes first hence we provide an authentication token for protecting your content that prevents access to unauthorized users. You can generate a unique URL that expires from minutes to days hence nobody can copy it.

Easy Integration - Begin Right Away

Streamline all your tools via simple integration at 5centsCDN. All you need is a few minutes and setup guidelines. We take pride in offering user-friendly installation with no need for any prior technical knowledge. Easily enable 5centsCDN on your WordPress website and enjoy greatly improved loading times around the world. Simply enable the plugin and select the pull zone created on the CDN control panel. Enjoy world-class acceleration with 5centsCDN powered by Akamai.

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