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compromising on the quality

Experience safe and secure content delivery with the A-Grade encoding services that 5centsCDN has to offer. Seamless and smooth encoding ensures easier ingestion over lower-bandwidth connections for a global audience.

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Seamless encoding/decoding to ensure easier ingestion over lower-bandwidth connections. 5centsCDN Live Transcoding allows you to deliver a live stream in multiple bitrates to match the viewer’s connection speed.

Offering VOD source files for distribution with state of the art 5centsCDN encoding. The services ensure that your video content is broadcasted in high-quality on every platform and device, anywhere in the world

Enjoy a Budget-friendly platform for content delivery that is uninterrupted, swift, and secure

5centsCDN offers a state-of-the-art content delivery network with affordable plans and unlimited useful features comprising modern server infrastructure utilized in data centers across the globe.
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Gateway to enterprise networks with
sturdy features

No compromise on quality with advanced, reliable, and smart video encoding power. No setup fee, no hidden charges and no need for expensive hardware and software

Cloud Framework

Offering enhanced performance by providing resources and an ideal balance between CPU and RAM for seamless and effective encoding/transcoding.

Simple API

You are fully in control of your application programming interface as we provide you with the freedom to productively handle your video streams.

Flexible Infrastructure

Don’t bother with the numbers because our AWS cloud-powered infrastructure transforms in seconds regardless of the transcoding minutes.

Built into CDN

No additional configuration build into the CDN Infrastructure. You can automatically create a network of devices without having to manually operate it.

Video manipulation & Transmuxing

Without tempering with the format of your content, we only change the way that video and audio packets are organized to ensure the highest quality.

Vast Customization

You can make manage things as per your preferences as we offer you full control over security and the state of the art advanced features.

Complete control over security and customization of your workflow

Take things into your own hand with full control of your content delivery without having to compromise on the quality of features.

Constantly monitor your CDN infra

Get instant notifications, manage monitors and check your uptime statistics on the go.

Improve your content broadcasting quality with state of the art Video Encoding.

Have an extraordinary viewing experience each time

Sales & Client solutions team typically responds within 1 business day.


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Live Transcoding is the process in which digitally available and compressed data is transcoded into the required form of data. Video Encoding is the process of conversion of raw data to digital format.

Video encoding is charged per min or can be bought in slabs i.e. 50k mins for $20 per month. Live transcoding is a flat rate per profile (SD | HD | UHD).

For video encoding, you can upload files to our cloud storage in the HTTP or VOD push zone.

Video encoding files are delivered via CDN and stored in our cloud storage

A total of four videos can be encoded at a time. However, for videos higher than the current limit contact sales.

Custom text and custom logo.

5centsCDN supports Adaptive bitrate, however, DRM is in pipeline.

5centsCDN provides only stats.

You can secure your videos using Secure tokens by 5centsCDN.

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From the Blog:

VOD (Video) Transcoding / Encoding
Video transcoding is part of a wider process of digital video conversion that evolved along with broadcasting and streaming technologies. This procedure will involve file transcoding of several extensions of video and basically translates the format….

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