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Optimize your domains with effective strategy

Our intelligent traffic management service makes it easy to implement a multi-CDN infrastructure that puts you in control of performance and cost. You can simply start with a strategy that directs traffic to the preferred CDN based on the country, state, or ASN (autonomous system number) of your users. All these capabilities are fully integrated into our CDN package as a custom solution.

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What’s in it for you?

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Anycast Network

By continuous improvement to our network, the team at 5centsCDN offers a network addressing and routing methodology that has multiple routing paths using a single destination address.

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Point & Click Traffic Management

With the help of exceptional DNS domain proficiency, maximal system scalability, and round-the-clock client support, 5centsCDN ensures advanced traffic management solutions.

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Traffic Director is delivered as a SaaS solution where we control every aspect of your DNS load balancing to save you the trouble of buying hardware, installing software, or hiring more IT engineers.

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High Availability

We make sure that your website content and applications are available 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure customer satisfaction while providing a high-caliber, A-Grade user experience throughout.

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Country Based Routing

With the help of a powerful set of tools and a modern technological network framework, we manage and segment your traffic based on your users’ location or network.

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ASN Based Routing

Manage your content delivery using a group of networks with a single routing policy that restricts the answers where the Autonomous System (AS) of requester IP matches the list.

Security features to ensure your network is safe

Traffic Alert

The system notifies when the traffic fluctuates.

Stats & analytics

Stay vigilant with real-time reporting


Have full control over your traffic

Account security

Multi-layer security to protect entry points

Straightforward Pricing


$2.00/month per domain

Health Check

$1.00/month per resource


$5.00/month per million

First 1K records are FREE and each additional 1K costs $2.50/month


Health Check


1k Records included

Add-On Records

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Need a reliable, cost effective DNS to manage your domain names?

5centsCDN for intelligent traffic management service

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Sales & Client solutions team typically responds within 1 business day.

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Have some questions before getting started?

Yes, monthly plan includes 1 free domain. Add-on domains can be added at a cost of $1 per domain per month.

No, a million queries cost you $5 flat per month.

No, 1st 1000 records are included and add-on records can be purchased at $ 2.5 per 1k records per month!


You can start as low as 8 USD per month, which will include 1 x domain, 1 x health check and 1 million queries!

Yes, you can route traffic based on countries



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