How to get the playback URL with my CNAME?

Now you can take the playback URL with your own CNAME directly from the console. Kindly follow the steps.

Make sure that you have already pointed the CNAME to the CDN hostname and added it to the console. If not you can refer to this article.

How to set up CName for Live streams or DVR?

  • Login to 5centsCDN console.
  • Go to Live stream and select Push/Pull/Scheduled Playlist/Multi Bitrate or Delayed Stream. 
  • Click the Manage button of the corresponding stream name.
  • On the redirected page, Click the Playback URL/Embed code option.
  • Now you can click on your CNAME to get the corresponding playback URL. You can also select the 5centsCDN host name to get the URL with the 5centsCDN hostname.

Watch the video tutorial for more information,

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