Scheduled Playlist

Next-generation, advanced technology of scheduled playlists is a game-changer that lets broadcasters have full and intimate control over the way their viewers access the content that they offer. Users can create a video playlist and schedule it to play on the website for a set amount of time. Combining several video files to present a TV channel-like experience for viewers can also be done.

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How does it work?

Upload the video

Upload videos file to our cloud storage in .mp4 (h264+aac) or any format

Schedule the video

Create a playlist and schedule where and when do you want it to go live

Sit back & enjoy

It will be live at the scheduled time/date

Broadcast your content to multiple channels with enhanced features!

Realtime Playlist Update

Uninterrupted content delivery requires constant monitoring. The smart algorithm of 5centsCDN is fully equipped to make a real-time update in the network in case of any changes in the schedule.

Cloud Storage

5centsCDN ensures up-to-date, automated content delivery by offering a platform to their users where files can be stored that are to be scheduled and broadcasted at/for a certain set of time.

Live Stream Schedule

Offer your viewers an extraordinary streaming experience with the 5centsCDN live stream schedule feature. It enables the customer to switch to the best performance CDN Nodes.

Live stream Publish

The seamless experience of Publish method to switch between different stream sources. Instead of switching between items in a playlist, this technique uses publish Livestream to playlist.

Schedule Playlist Status

Keep yourself constantly updated about the files currently being played. The user gets complete information about whether the content is streaming live or the file is being played from the cloud.

Playlist Scheduler

The creation and management of the multi-channel programs and advertising playlists can be enabled. You can plan and schedule both clips & live events coming from any source and set logos.







No, you can use our video encoding service to encode the videos to .mp4

Cloud storage starts from $0.05 per GB.

No, try uploading a 10 GB file and schedule, test it yourself 🙂

Yes, the scheduler will switch to live stream as soon as it's published and will fall back to the scheduled playlist once stopped.

We build our infrastructure and services with redundancy. If the scheduler server goes down on which your scheduled playlist is running, we will have you covered as we run your scheduled playlist of redundant servers.

Great reviews are coming in

Give your customers the best viewing experience.

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