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5centsCDN DNS is the most cost-effective way to manage your domain names along with CDN. Enabling CDN is just one button away. Our SimpleDNS service provides a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Our intelligent traffic management service makes it easy to implement a multi-CDN infrastructure that puts you in control of performance and cost. You can simply start with a strategy that directs traffic to the preferred CDN based on the country, state, or ASN (autonomous system number) of your users.

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Providing a budget-friendly platform for content delivery that Is uninterrupted, swift, and secure.

5centsCDN offers a state-of-the-art content delivery network with affordable plans and unlimited useful features comprising modern server infrastructure utilized in data centers across the globe.

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How DNS Works

DNS is a phone book that maps computer names to IP addresses known to be the DNS records.

Your computer asks the DNS server on a local router to perform a DNS lookup.

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Recursive DNS Query Type

DNS client reaches out to a server, upstream requests are made and the result is returned. time-to-live (TTL) value determines the duration of the results to be cached.

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Iterative DNS Query Type

Without any upstream travel, the DNS server finds the answer itself. If not, a different DNS server is recommended. The process continues till the answer is found.

A refresher on DNS concepts

DNS Recursor

The server finds the cache and responds to the query. Internet Service Providers run the recursor.


DNS Root Server

It’s the base of an entire DNS infrastructure and acts as the authoritative name server such as “.com” and “.net”.


TLD Name Server

Almost just as important as the root server. This is the first one to respond and point the client towards the name server.


Authoritative Name Server

The final destination for any query where the data it receives in response from other name servers is cached.


Some powerful infra details about 5centsCDN DNS

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Managed DNS

A Managed DNS Provider allows users to manage their DNS traffic by using a web-based control panel. 5centsCDN is a Managed DNS provider. With 34 Anycast Data Centers on 6 continents.

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Cloud-based Infrastructure

We ensure that your stream is protected from external attacks. Ensure stability and foolproof security as we troubleshoot any issue within a very minimum resolution time.

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DDoS Protected DNS

DDoS attacks are on the rise in both frequency and severity. DDoS Protection is a must-have feature for your DNS. We are providing both DDoS Protected DNS and GeoDNS into a single service.

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Build-In CDN

DNS + CDN ecosystem for performance and security services tuned specifically for content delivery. Features such as Live, Video Streaming, and Website Acceleration to further enhance the delivery of content along with DNS.

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EDNS-client-subnet support

Build your own CDN or Geolocation Load Balancing with a highly accurate geolocation service that makes the decisions on the reallocation of the visitor using Traffic Director. Tested and fully compatible with services like OpenDNS and Google Public DNS.

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Professional Features and Tools

5centsCDN provides a large number of professional features and tools for Primary, Secondary, and Reverse DNS. We support all types of DNS records and settings you need. Additionally, we provide E-mail Forwarding, Web Forwarding, Dynamic DNS, Domain parking, HTTP REST API, DNS statistics, zone sharing, and much more.

Unique UI with extended control DNS management

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Join The Hundreds Of Thousands of Happy Subscribers. See What They're Saying

Need a reliable, cost effective DNS to manage your domain names?

5centsCDN for intelligent traffic management service

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Sales & Client solutions team typically responds within 1 business day.

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We’d love to learn more about you!👂 In this short call, we’ll figure out your business needs and see if our product is right for you.

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Have some questions before getting started?

Is the DNS server managed?

Yes, you can reach out to support anytime.

Does 5centsCDN provide domain registration services?


Is the DNS secured against DDoS?

Yes, our DNS infrastructure is completely secured.

Can I enable CDN when using 5centsCDN DNS?

Yes, you can enable CDN for your Hostname with the click of a button.

Does 5centsCDN support EDNS0 (extension mechanisms for DNS)?

Yes, we do support EDNS for both SimpleDNS as well Traffic Director.

Is 5centsCDN a free DNS (domain nameserver) provider?

No, with SimpleDNS we charge $1 per domain, however, the first domain is on us.

Is there any limit on the number of domains that I can add to SimpleDNS?

No, 1st domains are free, consecutive domains are $1 per domain per month.

Where can I find my 5centsCDN name servers?

You can find the NS details in the control panel under the manage page of each domain.

Does 5centsCDN offer domain masking?


How long does it take for a DNS change to push out?

It happens instantly.

Does 5centsCDN charge for or limit DNS queries?

SimpleDNS queries are unlimited. However, Traffic Director has flat pricing.

Does 5centsCDN limit the number of DNS records a domain can have?
No, there’s no limit. You can add X number of domains at $1/month per domain
What is the difference between SimpleDNS and traffic director?

SimpleDNS as a term defines performs simple DNS functions. Traffic Director enables DNS load balancing using geolocation, IP and ASN, and more.

How many points of presence (POPs) are in the 5centsCDN DNS Network?

SimpleDNS 34+ PoPs | Traffic Director 18+ PoPs

Can I use 5centsCDN DNS without changing my nameservers to 5centsCDN?

No, you will need to point to 5centsCDN if you chose us as your primary DNS.

Can subdomains be added directly to 5centsCDN?


Does 5centsCDN support DNSSEC?

Yes, with a click of a button.

Do you provide DNS query reports?

Yes, total queries and queries per zones are provided.

Can I get a dedicated private pool?

No, we have custom DNS that work together.

How does DNS handle non-existent sub-domains?

SimpleDNS has unlimited queries. But from an infrastructure point of view, we do not answer.

On which record types can CDN be enabled?

A and CNAME records.

Does 5centsCDN support wildcard DNS entries?

Yes, A Wildcard Record can be added only for A (or AAAA), MX, TXT, CNAME, ALIAS, or Web Redirect.

What is the SLA for 5centsCDN DNS?

100% SLA.

Does 5centsCDN DNS support URL redirects?


Can I protect my DNS zones against accidental deletion?

Restoring the deletion is possible.

Do 5centsCDN DNS name servers resolve over IPv6?

No, NS servers are in IPV4.

Can 5centsCDN A records resolve to IPV6?


Do you provide API for DNS service?


Do you provide Dynamic DNS?


When does my statics reset?

At the end of the month.

Which DNS record types does 5centsCDN support?

A: The most fundamental type of DNS record: it indicates the IP address of a given domain.
AAAA: Used for finding the IP address of a computer connected to the internet from a name.
MX: Indicates how email messages should be routed in accordance with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
CNAME: Maps an alias name to a true or canonical domain name.
TXT: Contains text information for sources outside of your domain.
SPF: Contains a list of all the IP addresses that are permitted to send an email on behalf of your domain.
NS: Tells the Internet where to go to find out a domain’s IP address.
SRV: Specifies a host and port for specific services such as voice over IP.
Web Redirect: Helps make a web page available under more than one URL address.
ALIAS: Points your domain name to a hostname instead of an IP address.
RP: Specifies the mailbox of the person responsible for a host
SSHFP: Identifies SSH keys that are associated with a hostname.
NAPTR: Used in the mapping of servers and user addresses in the Session Initiation Protocol.
CAA: Specifies which certificate authorities (CAs) are allowed to issue certificates.
TLSA: Helps store the fingerprint of a TLS/SSL certificate in the DNS of your domain.
DS: Used to secure delegations (DNSSEC)
CERT: Provides a space in the DNS for certificates and related certificate revocation lists

What is the default TTL for the various record types and can I change these values?

SimpleDNS starts from 1 min. | Traffic Director starts from 30 sec.

Can I associate multiple IP addresses with a single record?

Yes, using our Traffic Director.

Does 5centsCDN use an anycast network for DNS?


Get Started With Seamless Encoding

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