Bandwidth Rollover

Never lose your bandwidth again

How would you like to have your unused data rollover from one month to the next? At 5centsCDN, your Add-on bandwidth rolls over stays in your account for one whole year.

15-days Free Trial - No Setup Fee - Cancel Anytime

Bandwidth rollover is beneficial if you

Couldn’t consume all your bandwith

Need to buy more bandwidth for the last few days

Get your add-on bandwidth

rolled over on monthly or annual plan

We ensure unmatched quality and advanced solution combined with everything you need for a smooth and seamless content delivery

Not sure how much bandwidth you need?

See how much BW would be sufficient for your business and check out the details about customized bitrate

*The results are based on your streaming bit rate, the number of viewers you expect to have, and how long people will watch your streams, and what quality*

Base Bandwidth

Base BW is the minimum bandwidth that is purchased per month and it starts from 1TB. Anything you buy above that counts as an add-on.

Bandwidth Add-on History

The user-friendly interface of control panel lets you stay updated about your bandwidth add-on history in the console. Check registration or expiration date and total, used, & remaining bandwidth.


Yes, 1TB per month and that too, in the case of Multistreaming only. Simply buy stream names and multistreaming platforms.

Under our ‘Bandwidth overage protection’ feature, the services are disabled once you reach the maximum limit of your particular package.

Yes. You can simply log in to your 5centsCDN client’s account. Go to the dashboard and top up your bandwidth starting from 1 TB.

Add-on BW does rollover. However, your base BW expires at the end of the month regardless of how much you have consumed.

Base BW is the minimum bandwidth that is purchased per month and it starts from 1TB. It expires at the end of each month no matter how much you have consumed.

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