Video Streaming

With 5centsCDN’s swift and modern network infrastructure, you can now enable your end viewers to watch video content on-demand. All you need to do to experience seamless content delivery is to upload your videos to our origin servers.

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On-demand video content anytime, anywhere

Instant Purging

Deleting files or purging is at your fingertips. Stay in control of your networks by being able to remove the entire content or select an individual file path. within seconds with a single click.

Origin Shield

We ensure that your stream is protected from external attacks. Ensure stability and foolproof security as we troubleshoot any issue within a very minimum resolution time.

Edge Rules

Customize your asset delivery, security measures, SEO, and mobile experience. Edge Rules are managed by technical support and to avoid any errors we test and deploy your requirement.


5centsCDN provides an optimized secure socket layer stack, and always-on intelligent provisioning thereby making our SSL fast, extremely efficient, and cost-effective.

Token Security

We provide an authentication token for protecting your content that prevents access to unauthorized users. Generate a unique URL that expires instantly hence nobody can copy it.

Domain Locking

This Feature restricts the streams or contents to be delivered only on a particular website or domain so that there will be no unauthorized viewing and complete protection for your copyrighted content.

Pseudo Streaming

Pseudo-streaming means that you can play a certain file while it’s being downloaded. It allows you to jump to a particular point in the video, without downloading all the video data in between.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

We let you adjust the compression level and video quality of a stream to match your bandwidth using Adaptive Bitrate Streaming. Experience the best video quality and viewing experience.

MP4 to HLS/DASH > New ICON needed

On-the-fly packetization from MP4 to HTTP Live Stream protocols like HLS & DASH. This provides faster loading time for viewers as well as saves bandwidth and achieves faster seeking speeds.

Enhance video streaming experience

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No. However, you can use our cloud storage on a pay-as-you-go pricing for $0.05 per GB


Yes, video encoding is available on both a la carte and PAYG plans. 50k mins at 20 USD per month or $0.005 per minute under the pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Yes, use our domain locking, geo-blocking, or token security to protect your content.

Yes. Use our VOD or HTTP Pull zone!.

Yes, use our scheduler for this purpose.

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