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Traffic director

5centsCDN’s network is built for the fastest, smartest, and most cost-efficient delivery of content all over the world. 5centsCDN’s network enhances intelligent path routing, with a route system in place which allows for proper packet loss or latency monitoring capabilities. Traffic Director enables the customer to switch to the best performance CDN Nodes or Multi-CDN PoP.

65+ Tbps Network

5centsCDN’s MultiCDN strategy allows our customer to access the world class network with a 65+ Tbps capacity. Our MultiCDN POP’s enable 5centsCDN to scale your online presence and let you accelerate the delivery of your live content by using our global infrastructure and partner network.

Don’t worry about managing flash crowds during your live events! Our MultiCDN network is optimized to deliver your live streams, and our integrated solutions secure your content from end to end. Our Traffic Director will always route your users to the best performing CDN.


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