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Groundbreaking and efficient digital distribution infrastructure

The scalable, fast, and reliable solution of 5centsCDN’s global network lets you distribute large amounts of data seamlessly. We enable you to access a variety of control features for an absolutely wonderful content delivery experience.

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Supported by robust features

Reliable software download and efficient management features

SSLGlobal Scaled Network

Stay ahead of the competition as we provide a scaled network that requires less support and less troubleshooting as well.

Security Guaranteed

Rest assured that your content delivery is secure. Software and application delivery at 5centsCDN is clear from any kinds of cyber attacks.


No hidden charges that secretly rip you off in the name of efficient software delivery. We offer cost-effective services without compromising the quality.

Wide Data Centers Network

We have the most advanced and complex arrangement of the network infrastructure that works in a seamless manner to offer smooth software distribution.

Speedy Download

Gone are the days when downloading took a long time. Experience lightning-fast downloads without compromising on the quality of the content.

How about distributing large amounts of data seamlessly?

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Don’t sweat over disrupted services, our skilled and highly dedicated team is at your service 24/7.

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Don’t sweat if you can’t figure something out regarding our features or services. Our dedicated and highly professional support team is ready to help you at all times.

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Join us on our highly interactive and informative social channels for constant updates where we engage in productive conversations about all aspects of content delivery.

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Communication is the key! Stay in touch with our team through an active slack channel, in case you need help with anything regarding our services or features.

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Looking to optimize your software delivery?

We can help! Reach out to the 24/7 support to learn how we do it.

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