DDoS Protection

Protect Your Website Against Toughest Attacks

Shield your web applications against cyber attacks with our smart DDoS protection, ensuring your web applications stays up all time with no effect to services. Take control of unwanted traffic before it reaches your origin server.

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Proven Platform For Your Security Concerns

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Proven Platform For Your Security Concerns

Complete Control

You take control of who can access your services & for how long. 5centsCDN offers you 50 edges rules and numerous behavioures to make sure you are in command of who uses your services.

Analyse. Detect. Defend.

We keep a close eye on your traffic, making sure no suspicious traffic activity goes unnoticed. Takes control of suspicious traffic on the cloud itself, without letting it reach or impact the origin server.

Bot Traffic Management

Our intelligent system detects bot traffic and blocks suspicious bots from crawling, stealing your website content and spam.

Analyse. Detect. Defend.

Our machine learning-powered self-tuning and managed updates minimize effort while dynamically adapting protections to evolving attacks, including those targeting the OWASP Top 10.

Reflex DDoS Defense

Network-layer DDoS attacks can be dropped instantly, while application-layer attacks can be responded to within seconds.

100% Uptime

Keep your web application security up all the time, making sure no window of opportunity for attackers take place.

24/7 Support

Get help in the any moment of need, our team of experts are available 24/7/365. Just a click away.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL protects sensitive information, affirms your business identity and improves customer trust. Get free SSL certificate in just some minutes.

is Better
Than Cure

Secure Your Web Application In Few Clicks.All included in Delivery Acceleration Plus, And more to ensure you users enjoy your services seamless without any interruption

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Akamai is known to have stopped one of the largest cyber attacks in the history. Our defense mechanism is powered by Akamai to make sure that no attack wins over your business uptime.

Already Under Attack?

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