Now users can generate thumbnail images for Live stream or DVR. Please follow the below-mentioned steps.

-> Thumbnail image for Live streams

  • Login to 5centsCDN console.
  • Go to Live stream and select Push/Pull/Multi bitrate Push/Scheduled playlist.
  • Click the Manage button of your stream name.
  • On the redirected page, click Playback URL/Embed code option.
  • Copy the HLS playback URL and replace .m3u8 with .jpg, For example, Consider the HLS playback URL of the stream “demo/live”
    You can remove .m3u8 and add .jpg in the above URL to get the thumbnail image.
  • In the case of nDVR enabled streams, you can use playlist_dvr.jpg 


-> Thumbnail image for DVR

  • Login to 5centsCDN control panel.
  • Go to Live Streams.
  • Click DVR.
  • Click the Manage button of the corresponding stream name.
  • On the redirected page, Click DVR status/Export option.
  • Specify the starting and ending time of the recording or you can double click the DVR footage on the graph.
  • You can take the HLS playback URL from the console and replace .m3u8 with .jpg, for example,
    Consider the playback URL
    You can replace the .m3u8 in the above URL with .jpg.




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