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We offer our CDN bandwidth starting 5 cents per GB with no commitments, no contracts, and no setup fee. We are currently serving 600+ clients which consist of OTT, IPTV, ad's agencies, Gamers, government agencies, NGO's, and major TV channels.

Our Multi-CDN PoPs are located across the globe which enables our customer to access 300+ PoPs. Our integrated Multi-CDN network allows you to connect to end users with minimum latency limited to the peering relationship of our partners. Our partner peering helps you to connect to your end users within their ISP's itself. Do not wait to try us today!

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Why 5centsCDN?

Unmatched Support & Delivery Quality



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15 minutes response time is our goal to resolve issues within in the standard SLA, and we also provide Advanced Support Service at a cost which includes SKYPE support.



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Content is your bread and butter, with our FREE security feature your investment is protected. Security features include Token, Domain Locking, Geoblocking and more.


Traffic Director

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Using our Multi-CDN, you have the capability to route traffic to the best performance network from seconds to minutes.



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Easy to use and best in the industry rated by many loyal customers. We are continuously improvising our UI experience to meet your requirement.



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We offer a 99% performance-based SLA rather than network uptime. Our unique routing mechanism takes an anomaly CDN nodes offline hence we achieve a 100% uptime.

Control Panel

Control Panel

Unique UI with extended

control of your CDN delivery

  • Create Publishing Points
  • Create Pull Zones
  • Create Push Zones
  • Real Time Status
  • Manage Account
  • View Reports

CDN Statistics

Know your traffic using near real-time reports

  • Hourly, Weekly & Monthly Bandwidth
  • Cache Ratio (Hit & Miss)
  • Location Based Report
  • Status Code
  • Popular Files
  • File Type
CDN Statistics

Live Stream Concurrent Users

Know your live event concurrent users in real-time



Activate live event in minutes.

We offer a 7-day demo with no commitment, obligations or credit cards.

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