Control Panel

Unique UI with extended control

Control your network traffic with our best features

Control Panel

Easy access to all the available features with 5centsCDN.The panel is easy to use and is understandable to anybody with basic CDN knowledge.

Login Security

Helps protect your account with 2 step verification, IP match, email verification to ensure you are the sole owner of the account which in turn helps keep it secure.

Traffic Director

Enterprise plan enables MCDN routing using our very own Traffic Director with which you can route traffic to the best network.


You can use our free shared SSL or we can install your custom dedicated SSL for NO additional monthly fee.

Reports and Statistics

We have two types of logs, normal and raw logs which give you detailed reports and activity reports of up to 30 days.

Take control of your CDN with advanced features

Know your traffic using near real-time reports

Great reviews are coming in

Excellent pricing and intuitive online management tools,
backed by responsive customer service


Very pleased with the service, pricing, support, and customer service.


The provider offers easy online tools to configure and monitor the zones and services. I also appreciate the automatic email updates that warn of approaching capacity limits. I’m most pleased with their flexibility on overages and ease of adding capacity in months as needed without having to permanently change service tiers since our needs are event-related and not constant.


File management is not as efficient as it could be, but they are introducing new features shortly that should resolve this.

Reasons for Choosing 5centsCDN

Best pricing/service options for our growing, but also intermittent needs.

Rob M

Great reviews are coming in

Simple and useful!


I had a problem with the slow loading of the site but with this plugin, the speed of the website has improved a lot. Besides speed improvement, another benefit of 5centsCDN is spending less bandwidth which is also important.


This plugin CDN has very good documentation and support. With proper use, it can speed up the site a lot, which is very important for sites today… The interface is nice and clean and very easy to use. Amazing plugin!


At first activation, there was an issue with too many redirects which crushed the site layout, but after contacting the support on the live chat, the problem was solved within a few minutes. The plugin is new and there is a lot of room for improvements, like all the others.

Milica P.
Web Developer

Great reviews are coming in

Amazing 24/7 Tech Team


The tech team is spectacular. Knowledgeable, patient, polite, and effective. Veneeth and his team solved a very difficult issue that was originating from my origin server. They traced it down and gave me the tools to fix the problem. Above and beyond amazing!

Chris J

Great reviews are coming in

Excellent CDN provider


Excellent streaming facility Good customer service.

Dn Joice J
Foundation Governor

Great reviews are coming in

Awesome service with affordable pricing and great support

I’m using their Enterprise and Premium CDN, and they are both awesome. Especially since I’m getting Akamai and G-Core lab’s network for a fraction of the price. Their support is also really helpful, and they really try hard to adjust based on your needs.

Jaewon Kim

Great reviews are coming in

Excellent Service

The service level offered by 5centsCDN is beyond excellent. Superb UI and feature-packed!

Chris Cairns


Great reviews are coming in

Give your customers the best viewing experience.

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