HTML5 player

A lightweight, cross-platform by 5centsCDN

HTML5 video player loads faster and delivers high-quality adaptive bitrate streaming protocol integrated with in-depth analytics of your video.

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The lightest & quickest HTML5 video player

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The UI of the 5centsCDN Player is written entirely in HTML5, enabling a consistent look and behavior across all platforms.

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The player skin is responsive by default and will automatically resize to fit changing web layouts while maintaining the aspect ratio of the video.
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Easy Customization

Use standard web technologies (CSS and JavaScript) for customization of nearly every detail of the player.

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Player Management

Easily keep track of player configuration and make changes to styles. Easily update players across your site without changing the code for each page.
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5centsCDN collects data across the entire video workflow provides stats and enables optimize your video delivery experience and n troubleshoot delivery issues quickly and easily. Real-time insights are provided from all platforms and drilled down the detail of your end viewers.
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Dev Tools

5centsCDN Player is a cross-platform HTML5-first video player, with in-depth analytics, extensive set of APIs along with iOS and Android SDKs are also included.

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What’s so special about our player?

In-depth Analytics



HTML5 Compatibility


Focussed on Accessibility

Icon feather arrow right Use keyboard shortcuts to control the player

Player controls

Icon feather arrow right Autoplay    Icon feather arrow right Loop Video    Icon feather arrow right Playback Speed    Icon feather arrow right Video Quality
Icon feather arrow right Share         Icon feather arrow right Subtitle and many more…

Video Acceleration

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Experience the scalable content delivery solution without any glitch on multiple devices simultaneously

Deliver your video on any screen
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Video Formats

Offering multiple video formats so your content flows in a smooth and shameless manner. High-quality videos are hard to download, convert, share and manage but 5centsCDN makes it simple and effecient.
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Microsoft Smooth Streaming

Stream your content to platforms i.e Microsoft’s Silverlight, the XBox 360, TV platforms.

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High quality streaming over the Internet delivered from conventional HTTP web servers.

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A royalty-free audiovisual media file format that is an alternative to HTML5.

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Flash media manifest format for the streaming media service providers.

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360° Video

The spherical video format that offers an extra ordinary 2D or 3D video experience.


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HLS (m3u8)

Communication between the server and the client made much more effective.

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Store unlimited video and audio information in a smaller file size with high quality.

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Live Streaming DVR

Live stream your content while keeping a record to be replay in future in high quality.

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Deliver streams smoothly and transmit as much information as possible.

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