HTTP2 makes our applications faster, simpler, and more vigorous by allowing clients to undo many of the HTTP/1.1 workarounds previously in place, and address these concerns within the transport layer itself. HTTP/2 opens up a whole new level to optimize our applications and improve performance. HTTP/2 reduces latency by enabling full request and response multiplexing, minimizes protocol overhead via efficient compression of HTTP header fields, and adds support for request prioritization and server push.

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HTTP/2 Is Binary, Instead Of Textual

Binary protocols are more efficient, more compact, and less error-prone than textual protocols like HTTP/1.x. This is because they often have a number of affordances that help with things like whitespace handling, capitalization, line endings, blank lines, and more.

HTTP/2 Is Fully Multiplexed

HTTP/2 allows you to download web files from one server while sending multiple requests for data over a single TCP connection. This is the most advanced feature of HTTP/2. Most modern browsers limit TCP connections to one server.

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