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Processing Millions Of Hits Without Interruption

By ensuring an uninterrupted flow of content despite the high volume, 5centsCDN has helped KITE handle the rush and provided an ideal solution to overcome any challenges.

“5centsCDN helped Lewis achieve that goal by offering smooth and sturdy content delivery.”

- By CEO of KITE

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KITE (Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education) is a Govt of Kerala enterprise set up to foster, promote and implement modernisation of educational institutions in the State of Kerala, owned by the State or run under the aid of Government.

How 5centsCDN Enabled KITE In processing Millions Of Hits

Higher volume on a website can lead to downtime. This can ultimately cost a huge blow in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction.

An efficient content delivery network platform offers an infrastructure that streamlines the flow and helps in processing millions of hits without any kind of interruptions.

The Problem

It is impossible for a web server to support requests from more than a certain number of people at any one time. As soon as that number is exceeded, the website will load slowly. With higher traffic, server providers may need to devote more resources to the overall infrastructure as well. The same was the case with Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education. They suffered from a similar issue where they found it challenging to manage the high volume.

The Challenge

Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education has faced challenges that could be a big hurdle toward their potential growth. As compared to the other leading platforms, they had to struggle to give their users a satisfactory experience as they expected 20 million hits in one hour upon publishing the results. Traditional hosting servers are unable to handle such a high volume of traffic. The ultimate goal of the company is to cater to the user’s requirements and ensure a smooth and sturdy workflow.

Why choose 5centsCDN?

At the most affordable price, 5centsCDN offers remarkable content delivery across the globe through its advanced infrastructure. The cost of the bandwidth starts at five cents per gigabyte without compromising the quality of the content. Your audience will enjoy a world-class experience with the fastest streaming on your radio. Additionally, 5centsCDN differs from the rest because clients do not need to make any commitments or sign any contracts to opt-in, nor do they have to pay for the setup.


The Solution

5centsCDN came up with the ideal solution to help KITE overcome any challenges. The company contacted us to provide the CDN solution to publish results with no downtime and high loading speed. This goal was achieved with smooth and sturdy content delivery using 5centsCDN. After exploring the most practical and industry-competitive features, they decided to go with us and experience uninterrupted hits from 48.067 million users.

End Result

5centsCDN has ensured that KITE can handle the rush and serve results without delay. Their clients are satisfied with the overall performance of the platform, hence they decided to partner with 5centsCDN in the future for their plus two results as well. We have equipped the company to meet and exceed the performance standards while retaining full control over the content.

“Easy to test and start. Very affordable pricing was the specific feature that led me to choose 5centsCDN”

– By Company CEO