API (Application Programming Interface)

API is an application programming interface. In simple words, a set of functions that allow the creation of applications to access data of other applications, services, or operating systems. The highly skilled and dedicated team at 5centsCDN has developed multiple APIs to make it easy for our clients to integrate their technology with ours in order to enable data transmission from one software product to another.

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System Integration

Let your systems exchange data between applications. API integrations operate throughout high-performing organizations. That need to keep their data in sync for productivity.

Documented API with code

At 5centsCDN, we use modern infrastructure that provides the users with brief instructions or a technical content deliverable about how to effectively use and integrate with an API.

Logs and Reports

With the comprehensive and timely API reports, you’ll be able to visualize what your APIs do by performing load testing, as well as validate that they are functioning as intended.

Single endpoint to access API

In order to ensure a fast and effective content delivery, APIs can access the resources from a single endpoint offered by 5centsCDN that are needed to carry out their function.


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