5centsCDN’s Rewind 2022

Another year has come and gone, and we are deeply grateful for what has been accomplished so far. The true assets of our company are our customers and stakeholders. These stakeholders have put their trust in us during our journey to become one of the leading content delivery network platforms. We are dedicated to keeping innovation alive as a way of repaying our customers’ trust. New features are constantly being added, and old ones are actively being upgraded as part of the core foundation of our brand.

The secret behind climbing the success ladder is that we always look toward the next feature, the next upgrade, and the next campaign to offer more and more innovation. While we’re at it, let’s look back and cherish what we’ve achieved during the past year. 

Features sneak peek 2022

Let’s highlight all the major upgrades that have been made to our services. Also, we’ll shed light on how these changes have benefited our customers around the world.

  • Enterprise Plan – New Behaviors: breadcrumbs, cacheTag, caching (with latest RFC support)
  • Premium Network – New Behavior: WAF
  • Alias names for zones
  • CDN Logs API – Premium Plan Only 
  • VTT Thumbnails for VoD
  • 5centsCDN Player Skins v2
  • Compression, Image Manager, Application & API Protector and much more for a Secure
  • Adaptive Dynamic Acceleration for Websites & API’s.
  • SRT Ingest for Pull Streaming
  • RTMP Auth for Push Streaming and so much more. 

Digital streaming services made a huge impact in 2022, which will go down in history as one of the most productive virtual work environments. This created an opportunity for content delivery network providers, and they have taken advantage of it to the fullest. Let’s have a deeper look at all the mighty advancements in 5centsCDN’s dashboard and the website from month to month.


The excitement is always at a peak at the beginning of the year. So in order to keep offering top-notch service and a state-of-the-art content delivery network, 5centsCDN came up with super practical new features for their broadcasters. The competition is intense but we go beyond that and only focus our energy on how to make our users more and more satisfied. 5centsCDN HTML5 Player with AdvancedVideoAnalytics is a big step in that direction along with SRT Output (Custom Solution). We have also worked on enterprise Plan – New Behaviors: breadcrumbs, cacheTag, caching (with the latest RFC support). Premium Network – New Behavior: WAF and Premium Network – WAF, Prefetch were also among our upgrades this month.


A number of changes were made to our existing features as we picked up the pace. As part of our plan, we also included innovation and technological advancement. In light of that, Advanced Zone EdgeRules for Standard/Volume Plans has been added to our infrastructure, along with SimpleDNS DNS Failover, SRT Inges, and Premium Network – CDN Logs. 


Moving toward the end of the first quarter, we came up with some major updates in March. Not only did we enable the Alias names for zones but also added Subtitle support in VoD Push Zone smil files. We take pride in our video player feature and have been working to improve it. For that, we have introduced customizable skins/themes for 5centsCDN VideoPlayer. 

Not just that, you can also see that we added a feature to convert Videos files to HLS when Transcoding as well as enabled AES-128 Encryption for Video files when Transcoding to HLS (filter).


We started the second quarter of the year 2022 with high yet realistic goals. In April, our focus has mainly been on improving your viewing experience by enhancing live streams and adding advanced features including Scheduled Playlists w/ Live stream ingest, converting Videos files to HLS when Transcoding, and enabling AES-128 Encryption for Video files when Transcoding to HLS. Apart from that, we ensured that users can now add the root domain as a CNAME.


As we moved further towards the month of May, a number of ideas were floated among the team regarding new features. And after thoughtful consideration, we picked the best ones for you. The ultimate goal is to provide you with a one-stop content delivery solution with our latest developments. A solution that is accessible to everyone regardless of their budget or other limitations. Hence upgraded our services with API v3, Traffic Director, Raw Logs, Video Manager, and YouTube Sync, and Enabled SSL on all CNAMES as a SAN via Let’s Encrypt.


Our latest developments this month were extraordinary, so you can get to experience some of the most robust features at 5centsCDN. The powerful new ways to stream your content while keeping track of all your stats and analytics are what we focused on during the month of June. Also included were Raw Logs and the Option to Retry Stuck / Failed Video Transcoding Jobs.


Upon entering the third quarter with some service updates, we brought some long overdue updates. Nothing compares to the high-quality content delivery paired with a user-friendly dashboard to navigate your journey. Being in control of your files and overall content is what we’re offering, such as Push Zone API File Uploading (Openstack swift/ S3 compatible), File Manager Folder Upload, and Horizon file manager


Along with some invaluable new additions to our feature list, we made some useful and long-overdue updates to our existing ones during the month of August. It is an effort toward making continuous efforts to keep improving our services for you. To ensure that, we Added a search option. Clients can now easily navigate to Streams, ScheduledPlaylist, Simulcast Platforms & Push/Pull Zones via Search. That’s not enough, we also added pagination on StreamsList & ZonesList pages. Ended the month with improved Optimized CDN Dashboard loading time, Stream hard delete period reduced from 7 –> 2.


To keep our promise of hard work that leads to innovation, growth, and better services, another month passed but left us with some of the most useful CDN features. We offered customers to get the PlaybackURLs with their CNAMEs. Among other features, updates were also Video File Encoders now detects & report file errors before file transcoding.

Moving forward, we introduced a VoD server in the Asia region, Advanced zone EdgeRules for standard/volume/premium plans, and backend errors from CDN partners can be viewed by clients from CDN Dashboard


Stepping into the last quarter of this difficult year, we constantly worked towards improving our services. In light of that, we released some amazing features for our valuable customers to take your content delivery experience to a whole new level. SMIL File Rebuild (VoD Push Zone) is what our main focus was during this month.


Our aim to come up with a solution that is accessible to everyone regardless of their budget or other limitations has been consistent throughout the year. The efforts made in this direction are clearly visible through our new and powerful feature updates. November was the month for Video Encoding: Experimental release of  SuperEncoder (up to 20x video encoding speeds). We also worked on improving TrafficDirector: HealthCheck Asia-Pacific Region.

Moving towards the end of the month, the team dedicatedly worked on Live Transcoding & Video Encoding for added options to specify output FPS & GOP (improved HLS segmentation). Apart from offering amazing features, we also focused on giving something back to customers – they were offered $300 extra by adding $1000 to their accounts. 


Finally entered the last month of the quarter as well as the year with some special updates in 2022. Nothing beats high-quality content delivery paired with seamless operational features. We have celebrated Christmas and new year by offering 100% cashback to all new users and the ones on trial. Existing users, however, enjoyed $300.  

While we’re ready to enter the new year, the exceptional features our users enjoyed in 2022 will continue to enhance their content delivery experience. We aim to keep expanding our products and solutions lists for users to benefit from. 

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