WHMCS 5centsCDN reseller module

WHMCS 5centsCDN reseller module

You want to start your own whistle labeled CDN company, get started here https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/5593-5centscdn-reseller-module

Resellers of 5centsCDN are now able to offer additional products to their clients through our new WHMCS module. This module allows resellers to integrate with our 5centsCDN API and enables you to sell following fully White Labelled CDN Services:

  1. Livestreams
    • Push Streams
    • Pull Streams
    • Multi Bitrate Push
    • Scheduled Playlist
    • Simulcast
    • DVR
    • Delayed Stream
  2. Zones
    • HTTP Push
    • HTTP Pull
    • VoD Push
    • VoD Pull
  3. Transcoding
    • File Transcoding – H264, H265, VP
    • Livestream Transcoding – H264, H265

Completely Automated Deployment:

With this module new CDN & Live Streaming services can be provisioned automatically. Resellers will be able to configure the plans, pricing and options easily. As a reseller, when your customer provisions a Service, this plugin allows them to display their services’s bandwidth and monitoring information from within the WHMCS client area. Your customers can also easily provision additional services, such as Streams, Zones, Transcode Profiles, Simulcast Platforms and more, all with the click-of-a-button.

For detailed instructions on how to install, setup and use our plugin please see our articles @ https://5centscdn.net/blog/whmcs-5centscdn-reseller-module/. You will find a series of posts that detail the steps to get set up and create your first product! To create the reseller plan kindly contact sales at buy@5centscdn.com!

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