MultiCDN vs Traditional CDN

In contrast to MultiCDN, a traditional CDN solution is popular among companies that are only targeting certain geographic locations while the scale is still at its growing phase to distribute its website content globally. TO some extent, it limits the services of a particular delivery network.  

It may be suitable for most market needs if the content platforms are mostly static such as media streaming, social media platform, or web-based application. CDN may experience difficulties when delivering content to end-users if traffic is above average. In that situation, you need something advanced and a network that works beyond any single geographic location. 


With Multi CDN, various content delivery networks from different locations are available simultaneously. It makes it possible to deliver content to users globally at its optimal speed. There are not just effective when it comes to speed, Multi CDN also provides a redundancy solution, security measures, and much more. All these features come together to help avoid downtime and remain functional if any underlying CDNs failed.

5centsCDN MultiCDN

A Multi CDN provides superior performance, reliable services, and competitive advantage when it comes to the best value for money. With global acceleration including foolproof security with DDoS protection is the most sought-after Multi CDN strategy. With 5centCDN’s multi-CDN, premium support is offered along with dedicated support teams & professional services. Here’s a list of all the mighty features you get to experience with the multi-CDN platform and why it is absolutely better than traditional CDN. 

  1. Users have the access to a custom-tailored solution, with fast turnaround times.
  2. Single API Gateways for all partner CDNs. You have the freedom to expand to other CDN vendors with ease and no-to-minimal code changes.
  3. You don’t get ripped off as we provide transparent, flat global pricing, whereas AWS’s traditional CDN has slabbed and regional-based pricing.
  4. If you like to pay only for what you utilize, or go with the recurring package that you subscribe to, opt for pay As You Go, Monthly usage commitment contract with Annual Renewal, and Annual Usage Bucket Contract.
  5. 5centsCDN offers the most efficiently performing robust CDN with 24ms global latency 
  6. With a small yet efficient team, each client gets special and dedicated attention to ensure smooth, seamless, and uninterrupted content delivery. 
  7. Once you’ve decided to opt-in for our services, we offer faster onboarding and CDN provisioning times.
  8. 5centsCDN is focused on B2B hence the network is clean and has only legit traffic.
  9. With 15+ years of experience in the CDN industry, 2000+ satisfied customers, and counting, you can rest assured that the streaming, web hosting, and other content delivery operations are in good hands.  

Benefits of implementing a multi-CDN

Primary and one of the biggest reasons why businesses choose MultiCDNs is to be safe in case of system failure. Nobody wants to put all their eggs in one basket. Many CDN providers might claim to offer a hundred percent uptime. However, the reality may be a little different. Even the best CDN providers experience outages. But the best solution is to choose more than one CDN provider or a single provider with multi-CDN infrastructure to avoid a fallback if there is an outage.

Performance-based delivery can be achieved using Multi CDN. Moreover, no single point of failover at the network level or DNS level. It is ensured as we will build multi CDN custom CDN on a high availability architecture across the board. Another important element that companies consider while making a choice between various CDN platforms is the cost. With advanced features of streaming, high quality, and security, you might have to pay a lot to ensure state-of-the-art, seamless content. With 5centsCDN’s multi-CDN infrastructure, it’s different. Cost-saving comes hand in hand with our flat rate. If you directly go to the CDNs then with multi CDN you can save a sufficient amount of money. 

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5centsCDN over any other service provider

There are multiple reasons to opt for the 5centsCDN multiCDN platform but here are some top-of-the-list features that you shouldn’t miss out on. Your website or application needs smooth content delivery to engage the most number of users and we guarantee exactly that, without compromising on the quality of the content. 

  1. The transparent and flat pricing structure keeps you fully aware of each penny you spend in delivering your content glitch-free. 
  2. We keep things simple and straightforward with one billing and one support contact.
  3. The dashboard is super simple and easy to troubleshoot however, in case quick assistance is required, 24/7 support is offered. 
  4. Users are able to build their applications with one API gateway.
  5. Combined analytics are offered rather than accessing the stats from different CDN’s to make your job much easier and simpler. 
  6. Easy onboarding with no complex details so you can just opt-in and begin with high-quality content delivery. 
  7. 5centsCDN doesn’t charge you for onboarding fee or setup unless otherwise custom development is required.
  8. Fast turnaround time is guaranteed. There’s no need to go through the initial account provisioning time and understand the hundreds of features available with Akamai. You can simply deploy within a matter of a few minutes. 

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