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Capterra reviews can literally do wonders for the growth of any kind of business and they are extremely important for SaaS companies like us. Not only do they help spread the word about our product, but also offer potential users a clear view of what our strengths and weaknesses are. It helps them make an informed decision. Your feedback on Capterra helps us improve our ability to provide you with the best content delivery experience. 

However, sometimes the number of reviews you get does not reflect your popularity. This is exactly what we have recently realized. No matter how good our services are, or how kind our customer support is, unless and until we get people talking about it, Nobody is going to know or believe that. 

To cater to this issue, we came up with a solution that is a win-win for all of us. We are introducing a reward campaign. It basically means that if you are kind enough to review us on Capterra, there will be an exciting reward for you:

 To thank you for your time, the first 100 users who leave a validated review will earn a $20 gift card.

There’s a link at the bottom of this post that will take you to our review page on Capterra, but how about we set some ground rules first?

We Appreciate Your Honesty 

Some people might believe that we’re offering rewards only in exchange for a positive review. That is not true at all, we do not want fake reviews, and we can emphasize this enough. The goal is to get more reviews, not necessarily the perfect ones. So don’t be under the impression that reward is conditioned in any way by the score you give us. 

We reward you for your time, not for how you sugarcoat your review. Rest assured that a 1/5 review will be just as valuable for us as a 5/5 review because the ultimate goal is to be better and reach more audiences.

We’d be thrilled to know what 5centsCDN means to you, how it helped you achieve your content delivery goals, what you like and dislike about it and how is it any different from other CDN platforms? 

Have a LinkedIn Account?

In today’s age, all professional individuals have a LinkedIn account. You can easily post a review on capterra by signing in with linkedin without having to add all your details from scratch. Also, with this, Capterra avoids spamming and ensures that a person only posts a review just once. Here’s a step by step guide:

  • If you don’t sign in with linked in, fill the form with all the necessary details. 
  • These details are essential as they add credibility to your review and make it genuine. 
  • Capterra will ask you to review multiple features one by one. 
  • Press submit once you’re done. 
  • Your review will be submitted for the team at Capterra to verify it. 
  • Sometimes, due to insufficient information or any other reason can cause your review to not be published at all. 
  • So we’d recommend that if you’re taking out time, make sure you do each step right to ensure a genuine review. 

Capterra Reward Limitations

 The first 100 users who leave a validated review will earn a $20 gift card.

Claim Your Reward

  1. Reviewers will receive an email about 2 to 7 business days after their review is published and will be prompted to click the “Claim My Reward” link.
  2. Reviewers will then be directed to a landing page to claim their eligible incentives. They will click the “Claim Reward” button to trigger a reward redemption email, which is typically delivered within 24 hours. This email may go to spam, so please have reviewers check their spam folders if they have not gotten the link. The sender is reviews@capterra.com.
  3. Reviewers will click the “Redeem Gift Card” link in the email. They will then be directed to our third-party provider, Tango Card, to select their card. The balance will reflect the eligible amount that they can redeem. They will see the amount that they have earned.
  4. Reviewers will choose which type of gift card they would like to redeem. International users must select Mastercard, as it is the only option that can be redeemed outside of the U.S. Capterra cannot help a reviewer who chooses and redeems a different option. Once a reward has been redeemed, only Tango Card will be able to provide assistance.
  5. Reviewers will enter the dollar amount they wish to redeem. Reviewers may redeem all of their balance, or select a partial redemption. The remaining amount will stay within their Tango Card account.
  6. Lastly, once reviewers have added the amount that they wish to redeem, they will click “Add to Cart”. Once they check out, an email will be sent within 24 hours that contains their claim code. This email may go to their spam folder. Please have reviewers check in their spam folder if they did not receive this email. The sender is reviews@capterra.com.

We’re eagerly looking forward to your honest feedback. Cheers!

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