Comparing the Top Live Streaming Encoder Software Solutions

Many people find themselves questioning encoder live streaming and how could this improve quality. By the way, live streaming encoding is simply the conversion of a RAW file to a digital one. But for you to be able to stream high-quality video, you will actually need live streaming encoding. We will discuss the main concepts inside the process of the encoder for streaming and compare the Top Live Streaming Encoder Software Solutions. Within the next paragraphs we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Concepts Of Encoders And Transcoders.
  • Hardware Encoding versus Software Encoding.
  • Comparing the Best Live Stream Encoder Software Solutions.
  • The Best Encoder Software Solution In The Cloud.
  • Conclusion.

Concepts Of Encoders And Transcoders

Before we discuss the comparison between the best options in the market, let us check more about what they are or do. An encoder is a computer resource that transforms video in different formats to the ideal extension for playing on several transmission platforms. Now, a transcoder will not convert the video to another format, but it can compress a large video file. It will allow users to watch your video in a format that will better suit their streaming needs.

You will be able to stream for any type of user

For example, if your follower has a slower Internet speed connection, a transcoder might be just the perfect solution. It can minimize the buffering time that might take your user out of your live streaming, to another one with good transcoding.

Hardware Encoding versus Software Encoding

Both types of encoding methods are different in nature, though the way they function is similar. For example, there might be characteristics that will make one or the other more efficient. It will depend on your processor, video cards, and other elements. But one thing that is worthy of mentioning and creates a real difference, is that software encoding might be cheaper and ideal for beginners.

Software streaming encoder

Software encoders are basically computer programs that are capable of doing the process of changing the file extension. They are very much used by broadcasters who are beginners and need a cheap and fast solution for providing quality live streaming.

Hardware streaming encoder

Those can be dedicated processors or video cards, and they use certain algorithms for encoding. They are capable of transforming RAW data into streamable content. One thing that is worthy of mention is the price, it might be higher than the software versions. But you might want to consider as hardware streaming encoders are incredible if you need a high-quality image.

Comparing the Best Live Stream Encoder Software Solutions

Now let’s compare encoders that are widely used, in terms of resources, benefits, etc.

1- Encoder Live Streaming OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio)

This is a powerful tool widely used because of its customizable functionalities. This is also the perfect tool for new streamers.

Let us check some basic functionalities of this powerful but easy to use tool

The software counts with a powerful API for streaming encoding enabling open-source generated scripts and plugins. It is important to say that the latest versions of this decoder will not support Windows Vista any longer.

Important details about this encoder for live streaming

  • Capturing and mixing audio or video in real-time quickly.
  • Transitions for scenes in unlimited amounts.
  • The audio mixer is very intuitive.
  • User Interface with “Dock Modular”.
  • OBS has a live streaming HLS and recording capacity.
  • There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube available if you need them.

2 – Encoder Live Streaming Wirecast

It offers a software encoder that is compatible with several platforms online. It is a streaming service that is professional, allowing you to broadcast any event to all kinds of destinations. Wirecast platform also supports the recording of MP4 and MOV files.

Let’s check some of the basic important functionalities in Wirecast

Similar to many software that works with graphics algorithms, Wirecast has an architecture in layers. This kind of encoder makes it easier to create picture-in-picture compositions, audio delays, and other very interesting creative components.

Some other special features in Wirecast

  • Create virtual 3D images.
  • Web Streams.
  • IP camera features.
  • Audio output with 8 tracks.
  • Scoreboards that are live.
  • Support resources that are limited, such as capture cards, mics, etc.
  • You can share through Facebook and Twitter Live integrated.
  • You will be able to stream for multiple destinations simultaneously.
  • It has a free camera App with wireless technology turning your mobile phone into a video camera.

3 – Encoder Live Streaming VidBlasterX

It is a professional high-quality encoder for streamers, with features that are very advanced in terms of resources. There are versions for Home users or basic streamers, and also for professional Broadcasters with several important capacities.

Let’s check some important features related to VidBlasterX

  • The VidBlasterX has Chroma Key support.
  • Automated actions with scripting and macro functionality.
  • Excellent encoder for live streaming with audio mixing and support for multiple views.
  • Offers plans for different ranges of budgets.
  • The Broadcast version is supportive of UDP streaming, as well as streaming from multiple sources, also including excellent customer support.

The Best Encoder Software Solution In The Cloud

The simple platform that offers both encoding options and transcoding on the Cloud, will really surprise you. With excellent features that will never demand too much from your Hardware, because our solution is cloud-based. Also, counting with really cost-effective prices in all the different plans offered.

You might want to check some features of 5CentsCDN

1 – Our Control Panel with excellent UI and control features that are extended

It allows you to control all our features in an easy way, the panel you will see is very intuitive. This, considering that you might be a beginner user and will be able to fully use the resources to their fullest. You will be able also to just click to choose the Source Stream Codec.

2 – Traffic Director for traffic management

It makes it very easy for implementing an infrastructure with multiple CDNs, which also allows you to control the performance. You will be able to direct your traffic to the CDN that is related to the place where you will be broadcasting.

3 – Scheduled playlist

All broadcasters of 5CentsCDN will have control of how their audience will see the content exposed. You can create a video playlist and set a time for it to play on your Website. You can also combine more than one of your videos and create a TV-like environment.

4 – Free SSL

This digital certificate is not only important, it is essential for encrypting personal information on the Internet. It certainly offers a secure sensation for your viewers. But not only that, for your personal or professional streaming site the SSL security is a guarantee that your site is trustworthy!

5 – Application Programming Interface

This allows your software to be functional to another platform, it will be perfect for streamers that need to broadcast for several audiences. 5CentsCDN there are several APIs to facilitate the integration of your client’s technology with yours.

6 – Origin Shielding

This feature will guarantee that one stream will be pulled from the original server. So, it will make sure that it stays protected from several kinds of attacks. Besides that, it will ensure stability and the security of your broadcasting.

7 – DVR

Allowing the release of a video recorder (DVR). you will pause, rewind and record freely. It is an integrated featured possibility of time-shifting. It will also enable you to work with live air shows and stream live perfectly.


This article dealt with an important subject for broadcasters and streamers, especially those who are using online platforms. The 5CentsCDN solution will allow your business to encode live streaming easily and securely. We also considered many platforms and compared them, but not only that we have made a comparison between them. If you find this article interesting and helpful, don’t forget to like our post and share it with all your friends!


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