OTT Demand & CDN

Currently, OTT has significantly grown. Market size projections indicate that OTT demand will continue to grow due to increased demand. Covid-19 resulted in lockdowns in many countries globally. The worldwide restrictions have led to increased Over-the-Top video content subscriptions as well as engagements.

To meet the increased OTT consumptions, Content Delivery Networks have established prioritization. The process of prioritization involves various technologies used for the delivery of videos. Content providers directly buy bandwidth from operators and deliver the content using the best service always.

Role of CDN In OTT Distribution

The role of Content Delivery Networks has become crucial in media evolution. The evolving media has seen an increase in content volumes. Also, there is an increase in video resolutions. These changes are leading to the diminishing of quality and increased service interruptions.

However, CDN providers are keen on satisfying the demand for high-quality content with no service interruptions. Therefore, Content Delivery Networks providers are applying caching. Caching helps reduce the hosting bandwidth.

Traditional System Vs OTT Demand

The traditional IT systems are not offering the best experiences, particularly in gaming, due to increased users. Content Delivery Networks are recently working towards providing high-quality and latency-free gaming.

CDN providers have established elastic-cloud-based Content Delivery networks that virtualize streaming, routing functionality, and caching. This is being made possible by the adoption of the 5G architecture.

Movement restrictions have contributed to many life interruptions, including live sports. Live sporting attracts quite a large number of users and mainly form part of premium subscriptions. With the reduced restrictions, there has been a notable increase in live sporting activities.

What CDN Providers Have Achieved?

Thanks to Content Delivery Network providers, sporting activities are not affected by delays and glitches anymore. CDN providers are achieving this through the development of S4 Streaming. S4 Streaming allows network providers to control streaming activities, allowing consumption of premium content before consuming any other content.

In the wake of the increased consumption of Over-the-Top video content, the issue of congestion is becoming a concern. Congestion limits capacity and area of coverage. However, CDNs are focusing on ways of improving their capacities. Content Delivery Network providers are also keen on providing their services to new and vast areas. They are also working towards avoiding congestion. To be successful, CDNs are enabling traffic routing to PoPs, advancing management and controlling functionality.

Future of OTT Demand & CDN 

Security and privacy are a concern, mainly due to increased Over-the-Top consumers and live sporting activities. CDNs are benefiting from the increased demand for Over-the-Top video content. To maintain and increase the high user demand, CDNs ensure that the security and privacy of a user are safeguarded. The content delivery network providers are adopting anti-piracy and watermarking technologies.

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