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Entertainment and media companies are enhancing their financial investments and focus on streaming video. People are now spending more time at home, and the rate of streaming service usage is significantly increasing across all age groups. Streaming services will need to work on their plans while ensuring their audience have an impeccable experience.

Content delivery network strategy is a game-changer for all streaming video types, including live event services and video on demand. This is significant when Points-of-Presence is situated close to the audience and at the edge globally. Below are the top five problems a worldwide CDN solves for streaming video.

1. Protecting Origin

There is a significant increase in streaming video, which means the service provider faces specific concerns that affect viewers’ experience. At times, the streaming service provider believes they have sufficient capacity for everyone and everything. When a new show is released, it becomes a hit leading to more subscribers that often decline viewer’s experience quality.

Streaming service providers are solving this concern by relying on the Content Delivery network and developing their lightweight CDN. The difference between the two is notable in cloud-based network providers’ capabilities and latency.

2. Latency Reduction in Video Streaming

Many things can affect viewers’ experience quality, but latency has become unacceptable globally for streaming video. Consumers are finding ways to get into the content directly. They do not need to know what is happening on the other side to have their movies or live events.

Streaming service providers are making this happen magically by using CDN to cache the most frequent and recently requested content in close edge locations to where the content is in demand.

3. Customized Content Delivery

This means documenting any relevant content to the users. It can either be through advertisement to acquire new consumers or to maintain existing viewers’ manuals. Media and entertainment companies used to host single version content for their users, either English by default, before globalization became a thrill word.

4. Attack and Security Impact Mitigation

You are probably aware of the increased number of cyber-attack annually. For this reason, the content delivery network doesn’t have to extend its content outreach. Instead, it adds a protection layer of low latency. It protects primary attacks intended to tamper with potential and regular traffic in the servers.

5. Cost Reduction and Scalability

CDN is effective at content routing and a caching computing network that allows faster viewing and reduces bandwidth cost and needs, making it easy for the origin server not to get exposed directly to users’ traffic and solving major responsibilities of scaling, attacks, and uptime.

So get ready for the best streaming experience with state-of-the-art content delivery infrastructure at 5centsCDN.

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