5centsCDN Introduces API v2

5centsCDN Introduces API v2

5centsCDN announcing API v2 with more CDN features included. API is one of the best tools for integrating systems and making the development process easier. There are multiple APIs at 5centsCDN which are developed to make sure easy processing for our clients to integrate their technology with ours.  These 5centsCDN APIs offer the following features:

  1. No additional fee 
  2. Fully documented API with code
  3. Resource Statistics API
  4. Endpoints for all resource-related operations
  5. High Availability API Endpoints


  1. Is there any limit on API requests?
    • There are no rate limits on API requests, if we notice unusual activity your API request may be temporarily restricted. A script bug that you didn’t know about can cause this kind of problem or a high rate of API requests, hence we want to make sure everything is fine on your side first. Please contact us via live chat or email us at help@5centscdn.com.
  2. Can I request custom APIs?
    • Yes, simply reach out to us with your detailed requirements.
  3. Are there any charges for developing custom APIs?
    • Yes, once we scope down your requirements, we can estimate the cost before processing.
  4. How long does it take to develop custom APIs?
    • Depending on the complexity of requirements, can take a minimum of 7 business days.

For beginners, check this out!

While reading the blog you may often come across the term API (Application Programming Interface). Do you have an idea what API is? Let’s try to understand it with an example that is related to human communication.  As human beings communicate with each other through language, facial expressions, or gestures, likewise, they also communicate through electronic and digital devices in this era of technology. Interaction with websites, apps, and computers requires different components for the user interface such as a screen with graphical elements with menus, mouse, and keyboard. Similarly, software products exchange functionalities and data through machine-understandable interfaces that are known as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

What is API?

 An API is an application programming interface that plays the role of the messenger as it delivers a message from one application to another and gets it back. It also allows one piece of software to make use of the functionality of, or data available to another, providing a consistent, programmatic method for accessing a resource.

 Advantages of using APIs for the developer:

 Here are some of the benefits of using APIs for the developer:

  1. Automation: With the help of APIs, work done by the people can be managed quickly through computers. Through APIs, agencies can make their workflows more productive and quick. 
  2. More scope:  API is used to dispense services and information to the audience in a quicker way. 
  3. Adaptation: Requirements evolve with the passage of time and APIs help to predict progress. Data migration can be facilitated in its best form by dealing with this technology. Moreover, this technology can check data more closely and deeply. In short, service provision can be made more flexible and easy by using APIs.
  4. Personalization: Any individual or organization can customize the content and services they mostly use by using APIs.
  5. Integration: APIs allow you more easy integration of content from any platform or application. This ensures more fluid delivery of information and an enhanced user experience.
  6. Efficiency: When access to an API is provided, it is possible to automatically publish the generated content and it is accessible for each channel. This enables it to be shared and distributed more widely.
  7. Application: The distribution of resources and information is more versatile as APIs can acquire the app components
  8. New data available: API makes it possible for any individual, not just a select few, to get access to all of the information generated at the government level.

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