Benefit of MultiCDN

Depending on the type of traffic and the use case, there are different ways to run the MultiCDN switching platform. An optimized strategy incorporates performance metrics into the decision-making process by utilizing a multi-CDN platform. Consequently, the CDN selected has received the highest scores across the board, as it is the best performing CDN. The quality of experience metric unique to that region will be used for evaluation. Different ways of accessing content differ based on particular content, the internet service provider (ISP), and the device that the end-user intends to use to access it.

Many companies are considering ways to optimize the user experience of their websites in order to satisfy an ever-growing demand for the fast delivery of online content. One option for achieving this is to utilize multi-content delivery networks (CDNs). Let’s start with a look at the concept of CDNs before getting into the details of Multi CDN. Website owners have become accustomed to using CDNs in recent years due to their increased loading speed and increased security. A CDN also enhances streaming capabilities and facilitates the management of high traffic levels for high-profile sites. Investing in a Multi CDN strategy can provide several key benefits for organizations of all sizes: 

Enhanced performance 

While the latency statistics for a single CDN may differ by region, the stats for a multi-CDN, spread over multiple regions, improve. The delivery of websites in special regions like China and Russia can also present unique challenges. Local regulations and controls can be met by multiple CDN solutions. 

No downtime with MultiCDN

As a result of an outage at one CDN provider, Multi CDN automatically routes traffic to another CDN provider. Traffic spikes and fluctuations do not impair the performance of Multi CDNs. Only a limited number of outages occurred during 2021, including two large-scale outages on both Fastly and Akamai. 

Better user experience

In addition to providing graphical-heavy content, today’s websites should also deliver that content rapidly and with high quality. The problem of a single CDN setup can be challenging to overcome. In terms of streaming content, using multiple CDNs will help websites keep up with user demands. 


It is not uncommon to require custom tooling to stitch together a MultiCDN workflow. Performing this manually across multiple CDN networks can lead to errors, which can be compounded by the fact that not all CDN networks set up customers the same way. Due to the added time and hassle, the process becomes extremely time-consuming and expensive. Managed by a single vendor, multi CDN is implemented as a single solution, removing the burden of managing multiple CDN providers at the same time, while saving huge costs.

Better security 

With the continuously evolving digital world, the threats and risks of your data being compromised are always there. You must take special steps to ensure foolproof security across the board. By embracing features such as DDoS mitigation and authentication enhancements, multi CDNs can enhance security

Scalability and flexibility 

For financial and technical reasons, it is one of the most significant factors contributing to the reduction of risks. Businesses with multiple CDN providers are able to avoid risks across the board without having to be tied to one provider.

MultiCDN offers reliability 

There will be plenty of talk about how the largest providers assure service uptime through their reliability statistics. Nevertheless, when it comes to technology failures, and security breaches, no company is immune. When site owners use a multiCDN strategy, reliability risk is distributed across multiple servers. They can offer reassurance that their entire network will not be adversely affected by a single point of failure.

MultiCDN makes sure that your customers have everything they need for the best content viewing experience. Your business will reach new heights with great services and no downtime.

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