Real-Time User Monitoring

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Analytics Tool Made For Modern Businesses

RUM provides real-time insights, actionable metrics, predictive analysis, bot management, anomaly detection, and third-party visibility. Learn in-depth about your web application’s users’ behavior and experience, helping you make data-driven decisions based on these real-time metrics.

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Custom Dashboard. Precise Measurement.

Different businesses have different metrics defining different goals. With 5centsCDN’s RUM, you can customize your dashboard in seconds. Custom dashboards allow you to see which features have the greatest impact on revenue, so you can take action to optimize them.

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RUM Powered Acceleration

Use RUM to can gather data about an individual page request, and send that data back to ​5centsCDN for use with other ​CDN+ services like Adaptive Acceleration and its processes of Image Optimizer & Asset Optimizer. This ensures that you have a top-notch experience for your users.

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Automatic Installation

5centsCDN’s RUM tool automatically injects JavaScript code into HTML pages that are sent to end-users, which tracks the performance of page loading and provides information on factors like the user’s location and browser type.  However, to add RUM to your origin server or different web applications like iOS apps, etc. you may need to go through a manual process.

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All included in Delivery Acceleration Plus, And more to ensure your users enjoy your services seamlessly without any interruption

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