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Pay As You Go



$ 0.005 Per GB
  • $5 Minimum Top-up.
  • 10+ PoP ACCESS.
  • Cloud Storage $0.05 per GB.
  • NA & EU Delivery Only.


$ 200  $15
Minimum Top-up



$ 0.029 Per GB
  • 1150+ PoP ACCESS.
  • Cloud Storage $0.05 per GB.
  • World Wide Delivery.



$ 0.02 Per GB
  • $100 Minimum Top-up.
  • 60+ PoP ACCESS.
  • Cloud Storage $0.05 per GB.
  • World Wide Delivery.



$ 0.0143 Per GB
  • $50 Minimum Top-up.
  • 30+ PoP ACCESS.
  • Cloud Storage $0.05 per GB.
  • World Wide Delivery.

Unlimited Zones

Create unlimited websites or VOD streaming zones!

VOD Streaming

End to end solution with video file transocding. MP4 to HLS on the fly packaging!

VOD Transcoding

Transcode or encode unlimited videos. 50k mins for $20 per month!

Add-On pricing.

Zones are $1 per month.

Cloud storage is  $0.05  per GB per month, 3x copy with unlimited file size and unlimited HTTP requests.

File Transcoding and live recording come in slabs of 50k mins which cost $20 per month. Overage or pay-as-you-go model is priced at $0.005 per min!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do live streaming using the PAYG plan?

No, consider buying a monthly plan.

Is there a minimum usage?

No, you pay only for the data transfer used.

What is the minimum to-up?

The minimum payment is $5.

Does the credit expire?

Credits do not expire if you top-up within every 365 days.

How much does a TLS certificate cost?

No cost, all supported TLS certificates have no additional cost.


How many pull zones are included?

100 zones with standard, volume, and premium network. 10 zones with the enterprise network.

How is storage billed?

Pull Zone storage has no additional cost. Push/VOD Zone storage is $0.05/GB per month and is charged on an average of 30 days.

How is traffic calculated?

Standard, Volume, and Premium: The outgoing bandwidth from our edge servers is measured in bytes.
Enterprise: The outgoing bandwidth from our edge servers measured in bytes + midgress traffic.

How much does it cost to additional zones?

$1 per month.

How much does it cost to add video transcoding?

You can buy 50k mins for $20 per month.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit cards, PayPal, and bank wire transfers.

Can I upgrade the PAYG plan to a monthly plan?


Compare and choose the right plan!

Cloud storage plans.

Take a glance at our pricing table just in case you need additional space to host your files.



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