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CDN with strategic presence in Australia

5centsCDN is one of the fastest in Australia. With our continent-wide optimized content delivery network with advanced infrastructure, we offer you to deliver your content safely, without any interruption.

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Increase your customer satisfaction by improving the speed and quality of your content delivery

Improved Website

With our multi POPs close to your location, data centers provide you with the killer CDN platform.

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Happy Customers

Accelerated website, enhanced streaming and OTT platforms offered by 5centsCDN guarantee satisfied visitors.

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Secured Data

With optimized security, we ensure the safety of your data without having to compromise the quality of our services.

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Join The Hundreds Of Thousands of Happy Subscribers. See What They're Saying

You deserve the best content delivery platform just like the rest of the world. 5centsCDN is one of the best performing infrastructures in the Oceania region covering Australia.

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Custom Plans

Can’t find the right package that fulfills all your content delivery needs? We can help you with a customized plan that suits your business.

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