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Amru Rahiman Komalath

Upcoming Events :


#Capacitymiddleeast 2024

6th February 2024 - 8th February 2024

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14th April 2024 - 17th April 2024

About me

Hey there!

I am Amru Rahiman Komalath, and I'm on a mission to redefine how you experience digital content. With over 15 years of expertise as an entrepreneur and Content Delivery Network (CDN) specialist, I'm dedicated to connecting the world through state-of-the-art technology.

In 2008, I established WebMobi Network Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company committed to revolutionizing digital media content delivery. Our focus on CDN technology enables us to seamlessly deliver media content to a global audience.

Fast forward to 2012, I founded 5centsCDN Inc., where I now proudly serve as the active CEO. This venture has expanded to cater to over 300 prestigious clients worldwide, including government agencies, NGOs, and major TV channels. We're making CDN services affordable and the most cost-effective in the industry, all while being powered by 5centsCDN technology.

Technology, for me, is more than just code; it's an agent for positive change. I envision a future where content delivery isn't a process but an experience that brings us closer together meaningfully.

Join me in this exciting journey as we push boundaries and pioneer a new era of digital content delivery.

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