Video on Demand (VOD) enables your viewers to watch video content on-demand.We encode your video and deliver to your end viewers, all you need to do is upload your video content to our origin servers.


Enjoy On-Demand video content with the best features.

Video on Demand - VOD Services - VOD Streaming

Instant Purging

Deleting files or purging is at your fingertips. You can remove old content within seconds with a single click. You can also remove the entire content or select individual file path.

Web Acceleration - Improve Website Performance

Origin Shield

Our unique origin shielding protects your origin server from request of our CDN Edge Nodes. Origin shield also act as a protection layer hence end users does not know where your origin contents are hosted.

Video on Demand - VOD Services - VOD Streaming

Edge Rules

You can customize your asset delivery, security measures, SEO and mobile experience. Currently, EdgeRules are managed but technical support which ensure we you do not make any mistake, we test and deploy your requirement, hence you can relax.

Video on Demand - VOD Services - VOD Streaming


You can use our free shared SSL or we can install your custom dedicated SSL for NO monthly fee.


Token Security

An authentication token for protecting your content that prevents third party users from accessing your content and use elsewhere.

Video on Demand - VOD Services - VOD Streaming

Referrer Access Control

Referrer Access Control allows you to control which referrers are strictly allowed or disallowed to access your CDN assets.

Available services with VOD.

Cloud Storage

Video Transcoding

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