We don’t compromise on quality even at the lowest rates!

Our CDN bandwidth pricing starts from 5 cents per GB with no commitments, no contracts, and no setup fee. We are currently serving 1000+ clients that consist of OTT, IPTV, AD’s agencies, Gamers, GOVT agencies, NGO’s, and major TV channels..

With our Multi-CDN PoPs strategically located across the globe, our customers are enabled to access these without a glitch anywhere at any time. This integrated network allows you to connect to end users with minimum latency, limited to the peering relationship of our partners. Our partner peering helps you to connect to your end-users within their ISP’s themselves.

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Our Pricing

Get access to the best, high-quality services, No matter what your budget is.

Our Approach

It’s simple! We work with professionals and never settle for anything other than the best!

Our Team

A dedicated team of 50+ employees works round the clock to ensure that your service runs to its highest potential.

Our Network

We’re constantly in touch with our clients to ensure quality network capabilities.

“Excellent pricing and intuitive online management tools, backed by responsive customer service” Overall: Very pleased with the service, pricing, support, and customer service

Rob M.
United States

“Simple and useful!”
Overall: I had a problem with the slow loading of the site but with this plugin, the speed of the website has improved a lot. Besides speed improvement, another benefit of 5centsCDN is spending less bandwidth which is also important.

Milica P.
United States

“Amazing 24/7 Tech Team”
The tech team is spectacular. Knowledgeable, patient, polite, and effective. Veneeth and his team solved a very difficult issue that was originating from my origin server. They traced it down and gave me the tools to fix the problem. Above and beyond amazing!

Chris J
United States

“Excellent CDN provider”
Excellent streaming facility
Good customer service.

Dn Joice J
United States

Awesome service with affordable pricing and great support
I’m using their Enterprise and Premium CDN, and they are both awesome. Especially since I’m getting Akamai and G-Core lab’s network for a fraction of the price. Their support is also really helpful, and they really try hard to adjust based on your needs.

Jaewon Kim
United States

The service level offered by 5centsCDN…
The service level offered by 5centsCDN is beyond excellent. Superb UI and feature-packed!

Chris Cairns
United States

Give your customers the best viewing experience.

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