The Hottest Black Friday SaaS Deals of 2022

Deals on SaaS


Black Friday is undoubtedly the best time of the year to grab jaw-dropping deals on SaaS products. If you are looking for deals on software, Black Friday deals on software are the best you can have! 

 It is the time of the year when you can turn your ‘wish list’ into ‘Have it.’

As legends have it, Black Friday SaaS Deal is a key to cost saving. So, let’s follow those unknown legends’ words and jump onto the list of must-have deals that we have created for you.

When is Black Friday in 2022?

Every year as November comes to a close, arguably the biggest sale of the year starts. This year, Black Friday will fall on the 25th of November.

However, certain brands and companies use the Thanksgiving holiday to start their deals and sometimes extend for a week or so after as well.

1. 5centsCDN

5centsCDN offers a state-of-the-art content delivery network with affordable plans and unlimited useful features comprising modern server infrastructure utilized in data centers across the globe.

We provide a game-changing infrastructure of content delivery that provides advanced solutions, including Web acceleration, live streaming, cloud storage, and encoding services.

Regular Pricing:

  • Standard plan at $2.5/month 
  • Volume plan at $7.5/month 
  • Premium plan at $10/month 
  • Enterprise plan at $15/month 

5centsCDN Black Friday 2022

  • Add funds of min. $1000 to your account and get an additional $300.  
  • No promo code is required.

2. Sender

Sender is a marketing platform that provides the possibility to send newsletters, along with automated emails and SMS. Also, users are given the possibility to retrieve customer analysis, as well as the creation of pop-ups on their websites. This platform is easy to use for both novice and skilled marketers.

Sender Black Friday Deal 2022

      20% off all plans with code FRIDAY valid NOW until December 1

  • when buying an annual plan – 2 months free
  • when buying a PRO plan – free SMS credits (values from 35 dollars)
  • Code – FRIDAY

3. Pixpa

Pixpa is an all-in-one no-code platform for creators and small businesses to create beautiful, professional websites complete with a built-in online store, blog, and client galleries.

Pixpa Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 50% discount on annual plans
  • The exclusive promo code is BLFPIXPA50


VYPER lets you to create viral giveaways and contests to build your email and SMS lists. Build stunning on brand giveaway pages (no VYPER branding) and gamified bonus actions to incentives social shares, tags and other engagements. 

VYPER Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 50% OFF VYPER Plans For Life (includes a Brand Building Course worth $500)
  • No promo code is required 

5. EasySendy Pro

EasySendy Pro is an email marketing platform for online gig creators like bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, business coaches, etc. 

EasySendy Pro Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get Flat 50% off for the whole year when you choose an annual plan of EasySendy
  • Exclusive Promo Code is “BLACKFRIDAY2022


PlayStory is a fully-loaded interactive video creation tool that helps increase viewer engagement and the tool is the best for marketers looking to create highly-converting videos. You can upload videos or record them using the tool, and add interactive elements such as questions, meeting links, etc. Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get a Lifetime Deal at just $19
  • No promo code is required, just click on the picture to get the deal


MySignature is an all-in-one email signature and email tracking platform. It allows you to easily create professional email signatures and make your business emails stand out from the crowd. Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 50% off for the first payment for all yearly plans
  • Duration: 25 November 2022 – 30 November 2022 
  • Promo Code – SigFriday2022


Hypage is a “link in bio” platform with a built-in Patreon monetization model. Use Hypage to direct fans/followers to specific links, products, and content. 

HYPAGE Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 50% Off Hypage Plans For Life (includes a brand-building course worth $500)
  • No Promo Code is required

9. Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp turns emails into a powerful marketing tool. It allows you to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, upsell products, and announce online and offline events by adding clickable links, beautiful banners with CTAs, and interactive buttons to your email signature. 

Newoldstamp Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 25% off on any plan (recurring discount for all next payments)
  • Duration: 25 November 2022 – 30 November 2022
  • Promo Code – BF2022NOS

10. is the most complete platform for prospecting and cold outreach. It speeds up the process and turns possible future revenue into the actual present. Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 50% OFF on annual plans 
  • Promo Code – BLACKFRIDAY

11. SmartReach

SmartReach is an all-in-one sales enablement platform specializing in cold email outreach focusing on email deliverability. The easiest and fastest way to grow sales is by helping you find prospects, automate email outreach & follow-ups, and sync to multiple CRMs.

SmartReach Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 20% Off on All Annual Plans for the First Year
  • Promo code – SMARTREACHBF20

12. Heights Platform

Heights Platform is a customizable, all-in-one online course platform that helps you create, manage, and sell your courses online.

Height Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Save $30/month on our most popular plan for your first year, plus get our course T-30 Launch for free ($200 value) and learn to launch your online course in the next 30 days. (Total savings of $560!)
  • There is no promo code. Please note that the page deal will go live end of day Nov 18th

13. UUKI

UUKI – Community Platform for Web3 creators, brands, and products. The UUKI Community platform helps you build meaningful relationships within your community through events, newsletters, and a community page with web3 integrations. 

UUKI Black Friday Deal 2022

  • We are offering a Flat 20% off on all premium plans on this Black Friday sale between 21 Nov – 29 Nov 2022. we are also providing Lifetime deals on this Black Friday sale.
  • There is no promo code. 

14. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is a simple-to-use, low-cost, email marketing platform providing the essential features businesses and individual creators need to grow their mailing lists and engage their audience.

EmailOctopus Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 90% off on first month
  • There is no promo code. 

15. EngageBay

An integrated all-in-one marketing, sales, and support platform with a free CRM built for startups and growing companies. Streamline and grow your marketing, sales & support processes using a single software. Get a unified customer view across all the teams. Market your business like the world’s best companies, build lasting customer relationships, sell like the pros, and provide awesome support to your customers.

EngageBay Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 40% off on Life Time Deal 
  • There is no promo code. 

16. Klenty

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps salespeople with sending personalized outreach that gets more replies and meetings booked.

Klenty Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get 25% Off On All Annual Plans
  • There is no promo code. 

17. Apploye

Apploye is a straightforward time-tracking software with options for time tracking, employee monitoring, and GPS location tracking. To hold employees accountable, it takes random screenshots, tracks URLs, and measures the time spent behind various apps. It can be used in your office, remote employee monitoring, and hybrid businesses.

Apploye Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 15% off on All Apploye plans
  • There is no promo code. 

18. Document360

Document360 is a top-rated knowledge base platform engineered for growing companies that helps you instantly create a self-service knowledge base for your customers and an internal knowledge base for employees.

Apploye Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get an additional 20% off on all annual plans and save up to 40%
  • There is no promo code. 

19. SalesBlink

SalesBlink is a sales outreach automation suite using which you can search for prospects, put your cold outreach sequences on autopilot, and maintain and manage pipelines and prospects.

SalesBlink Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Lifetime Deal Starting At just $149
  • There is no promo code. 

20. Omnisend

Omnisend is an eCommerce-tailored email & SMS marketing automation platform

Omnisend Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 30% discount off your first 3 months for any plan
  • There is no promo code. 

21. Woorise

Woorise is an all-in-one lead generation and marketing platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, viral giveaways & contests, accept payments, and more to collect leads and engage your audience.

Woorise Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Flat 50% off on all plans
  • There is no promo code. 

22. Chanty

Chanty is an all-in-one team collaboration platform for remote and onsite business teams of all size, it offers unlimited messaging with searchable history, audio and video calling, task management with the Kanban board, voice messaging.

Chanty Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 50% off on the annual plan / 30% off on monthly + one month for free
  • There is no promo code. 

23. Mailmodo

A no-code complete email marketing platform that creates, sends, manages, and measures email campaigns, including interactive AMP emails.

Mailmodo Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get Flat 50% off for life on all plans.
  • There is no promo code. 

24. Emitto

Emitto is a powerful no-code business messaging tool. It allows you to send ultra-personalized campaigns with just a few clicks. Emitto is equipped with tools to ensure that your campaigns work best for your business guaranteeing you to save time, money, increase ROI and maximize your conversations.

Emitto Black Friday Deal 2022

  • First-month subscription for only 19$ + extra credits for messaging!
  • There is no promo code. 

25. Vouchery is an AI-Powered Promotion Infrastructure that helps brands to automate personalized e-commerce promotions, increasing the Promotional ROI as a result. The platform enables to timely trigger the most relevant promo offer at every step of the customer journey, and limit its redemption to eliminate coupon fraud and abuse Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get a 50% OFF 3-month subscription on any plans: Hustler, Startup, and Business. or a donation gift card of the same value to Voices of Children to support children affected by the war in Ukraine.
  • There is no promo code. 

26. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a flexible drag-and-drop WordPress page builder trusted by over 1,000,000 sites. Save time and money building mobile-responsive WordPress pages in less time.

Beaver Builder Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 25% off. Discount on all plans and upgrades.
  • Discount will be automatically applied to the checkout cart. No special code, link, or coupon is required.

27. Calamari

Calamari is an HR management software that provides tools for Time and Attendance Tracking, Leave Management, and HR Documents System.

Calamari Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 30% discount for 1st payment (monthly/annual) for new clients
  • There is no promo code.

28. Canva

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more.

Canva Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Upgrade to Canva Pro. Pay for 1 account, and get 4 free
  • There is no promo code.

29. nTask

nTask is an all-in-one task and project management tool that help individuals and teams to get work done with productivity. The app is loaded with all the features to help users to manage, organize, collaborate and deadlines for their projects.

nTask Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 40% OFF on all annual plans
  • There is no promo code.

30. Senuto

Senuto is a SaaS-Based Tool with which you will be able to plan content for your website, prepare it and measure its performance.

Senuto Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Up to 50% off on annual plans + Senuto T-shirt + Donation of a portion of profits to children’s rehabilitation
  • There is no promo code.

31. Outplay

A multi-channel Sales Engagement Platform to crush your sales targets.

Outplay Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 30% off on all annual plans. 
  • There is no promo code.

32. Backblaze

Backblaze Computer Backup automatically backs up a virtually unlimited amount of data for Macs and PCs and users can restore their files via the web or an external hard drive.

Backblaze Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 20% off at checkout for new Backblaze Computer Backup customers
  • There is no promo code.

33. RAEK

RAEK collects your first-party data, fills in the gaps, and organizes it in one place, so you can utilize it to grow.

RAEK Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Buy 1 month, get 2 months free.
  • There is no promo code.

34. Chisel

Chisel is a highly collaborative, all-in-one product management tool. It efficiently enables you to create Roadmaps, build Team Alignment and collect Customer Feedback in one place.

Chisel Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Flat 20% off on premium plans for 3 months.
  • There is no promo code.

35. Mockplus

Mockplus is a web-based platform for design teams to prototype, design, collaborate, and handoff. All in one place.

Mockplus Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get 60% off on all plans.
  • There is no promo code.

36. Advensure

Advensure is a tour operator software that helps tours & activity businesses to sell more bookings online with its easy-to-use booking engine and to create their own website with its no-code website builder.

Advensure Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 30% off up to one year.
  • There is no promo code.

37. Linkjoy

Link Engagement Platform that helps create branded shortened URLs, set up link-in bios, give clients view access on custom branded client portal, build micro landing pages in minutes, retarget visitors and get better analytics from one single place.

Linkjoy Black Friday Deal 2022

  • $99 for Life – Everything Unlimited.
  • There is no promo code.

38. Podcastle

Create freely with a higher audio and video download quality, and get more usage time for Podcastle’s transcription/text-to-speech features and AI-powered tools.

Podcastle Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Enjoy a 50% discount for your first month of the Storyteller plan.
  • There is no promo code.

39. InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry is an online invoicing software used for small businesses. It helps you with sending invoices online with online payment options such as Stripe, Wepay, Paypal, and Square. It also helps send reminders to your clients, keep track of your expenses, sending quotes to your clients with a user-friendly interface.

InvoiceBerry Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 50% off on all plans for 6 months.
  • There is no promo code.

40. Booknetic

Booknetic is an appointment booking plugin that helps small businesses to automate the scheduling process

Booknetic Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 50% OFF lifetime
  • There is no promo code.

41. FS Poster

FS Poster is a social media scheduler tool that enables users to post automatically to 18 social networks from the WordPress dashboard.

FS Poster Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 30% OFF lifetime
  • There is no promo code.

42. Acowebs

Acowebs offers multiple WooCommerce and WordPress plugins and themes. For example, the WooCommerce Custom Product addon is a performance-optimized, lightweight, and fruitful plugin that simply is the best to add extra product options using its custom form builder easily.

Acowebs Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Up to 30% on all WooCommerce plugins
  • There is no promo code.

43. CallPage

CallPage is a lead capture solution that, once installed on a website, allows a website user to order instant phone contact in just 28 seconds.

CallPage Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 45% discount on a one-year subscription
  • There is no promo code.

44. Planly

Planly is a free social media scheduler that allows users to schedule posts on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Business Profile.

Planly Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 75% OFF on monthly plans, 50% OFF on annual plans
  • There is no promo code.


InstaCopy is an AI based content creator that generates marketing copies. The tool is a highly convenient, writer-focused, and relatively affordable tool with perfectly original outputs.

InstaCopy Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Grab an exclusive lifetime deal starting at just $59
  • There is no promo code.

46. SendPost

SendPost is an email delivery service. It provides developers, businesses, and ESPs with a solution to reliably deliver, measure, and optimize emails. 

SendPost Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get credits to send a million emails for free
  • There is no promo code.

47. GuruCan

Gurucan is an all-in-one platform for creating and selling online courses on the web and mobile. Everything a successful knowledge business needs: online courses, memberships, emails, push notifications, white-label mobile apps & more!

GuruCan Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 40% extra on Pro & Expert annual plans
  • Promo Code – 5CENTSBF22

48. Crawlbase

Crawlbase is the leading data crawling and scraping platform for businesses. You can scrape millions of websites at once in a matter of minutes. With our cloud proxy solution, you can bypass any restrictions, such as captchas and blocks, and scale as needed. 

Crawlbase Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get 5% Discount
  • Promo Code – CB2022

49. Groupboss

Groupboss is a Facebook group automation tool for Facebook group owners who wish to create leads from their groups automatically. It enables Facebook group managers to gather the responses to the queries posed by new members with only one click. 

Groupboss Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get a 25% discount on all price options.
  • Promo Code – MONDAY25

50. ReceiptMakerly

Receiptmakerly is a premium receipt generator application with over 50 available templates. Using this tool, anyone can create receipts for their enterprises. Once the receipts have been created, they may be easily emailed to customers in pdf or jpeg format. 

ReceiptMakerly Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Get 25% discount on all pricing plans
  • Promo Code – MONDAY25%

51. Polypane

The browser for ambitious developers. Build better websites in less time with a stand-alone browser that makes your site more responsive, accessible, and faster. Save hours on each project, and love every minute of it.

Polypane Black Friday Deal 2022

  • 30% off of any yearly plan
  • There is no promo code


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