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Next-Generation Content Delivery Network With Multiple PoPs

5centsCDN facilitates the traffic from major social media, entertainment, and e-commerce sites in the best way with its mighty features. Our multiple Pops are strategically placed throughout Africa for advanced content delivery.

Delivery High-Quality Media With Speed And Reliability While Minimizing The Provider’s Distribution Cost

Enhanced Website

With our multi POPs close to your location, data centers provide you with the killer CDN platform.

100s Of Satisfied Customers

Accelerated website, enhanced streaming, and OTT platforms offered by 5centsCDN guarantee satisfied visitors.

Secured Data

With optimized security, we ensure your data’s safety without compromising the quality of our services.

5centsCDN is a TV broadcasting platform that seeks to fit the budget of IPTV and OTT streaming entities of different types but with the same objective, with the possibility of broadcasting your content through a website in a reliable and secure way for transmission.

Lorena Ospina Sarasty
United States

5centsCDN software is one of the best options that can be found in the digital market for optimizing streaming and TV over Internet Protocol address, for a low per gigabyte fee along with fast and smooth functionality.

Anya Clifford
United States

By employing the 5centsCDN software for streaming television content you will gain access to tools designed to increase performance and optimize load time within the platform, along with the guidance that the technical support team has to take advantage of all that this application has to offer.

Kit Brown
United States

5centsCDN may be the solution for companies looking to securely and seamlessly broadcast their IPTV content over web pages. This platform has the great advantage of coupling with open and public broadcast networks for greater viewer reach.

Kelly Sweasy
United States

The great thing about 5centsCDN is that it is a software that is not only limited to TV broadcasting but also integrates several features that facilitate the experience during its use, we really appreciate that it includes email alarms to warn us when we are close to consuming the capacity limit so that we are not caught off guard.

Amy Sweat
United States

The 5centsCDN application has the great advantage that it allows free streaming of television on web pages to media companies regardless of whether they are private or open unmanaged networks, allowing the transmission of both without any difference.

Leynes Moran
United States

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