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Secure Socket Layer

Security is a promise we give

SSL is a digital certificate for encrypting the data transfers across the internet. Without the SSL, the whole transaction between a web browser and the internet can be viewed and intervened by a third party in the world wide web.

We provide optimized SSL stack, advanced hardware and always-on provisioning thereby making our SSL fast and cost-effective.

The best thing is, SSL with all its features are free!!

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SSL Features

Know what you're getting

CDN Dashboard
Easy Installation

The SSL installation can be done under a time of 10 minutes by our engineers upon client request. Read more

Control Panel
SSL Certificate Management

Clients can upload certificates to the console hence we manage and install it for them. Read more

Control Panel

We also have a powerful and fully documented set of API's for the use of our SSL. Read more

Control Panel
Shared SSL

Instead of purchasing a SSL for your own, you can use the SSL provided for your CDN which is free of service. In this case the URL while be showing your ‘hostname address/username’ in the address bar. Read more

Control Panel
Custom SSL

An SSL certificate exclusively for you domain name. This is highly recommended for domains having monetary transactions using credit/debit card. For streaming this enables extra layer of security for paid streaming services and login authentication. Read more

Traffic director
HTTPS Live Streaming

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS streaming) has emerged as the standard in adaptive bitrate video where Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to encrypt the HTTP connections. HLS content has rapidly become the standard for adaptive bitrate technology for mobile/tablets, OTT, and desktop. Read more

Learn how to manage your SSL?

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