How to push a stream to 5centsCDN via FFmpeg?

You can push the stream to 5centsCDN via FFmpeg. You need to create a stream in the 5centsCDN console. Please refer to the KB

How to push or ingest a live stream to 5centsCDN?

How to get RTMP URL and stream key?

Once the stream is created in the console, you need to take the RTMP and stream key from the console.

You can publish the stream to 5centsCDN via RTMP protocol with the H264+AAC codec. You can refer to mentioned Sample command for encoding via FFmpeg.

ffmpeg -re -i rtmp://source-stream -c copy -f flv rtmp://

Here “rtmp://source-stream” is your source stream RTMP URL and “rtmp://” is the ingest point(RTMP URL from the console).

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