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Traffic Director

Powered by NS1 & DYN

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As your online business scales to serve a global audience, a one size fits all CDN strategy may not deliver the consistent performance and quality of experience your users expect. Your content delivery costs may also be difficult to control and manage.

Our traffic management powered by NS1 & DYN makes it easy to implement a multi-CDN infrastructure that puts you in control of performance and cost. You can start simply with a strategy that directs traffic to the preferred CDN based on the country, state or ASN of your users. From there, you can build more sophisticated traffic management using real-time performance telemetry and business logic. The capabilities are all fully integrated into our CDN package as a custom solution.

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Anycast Network

With Anycast network, we offer our customers a global renowned level of service and trustworthiness. We continue to improve our network as part of scaling our client base.

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Point and Click Traffic Management

5centsCDN supports point and click traffic management solution with exceptional DNS domain proficiency, maximal system scalability and round the clock client support.

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Monitor Network Resource

We actively monitor your network resource and seamlessly transfers user queries to an alternative endpoint should an interruption occur.

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High Availability

We ensure that your site content and applications are always available and provide with a high-caliber user experience for the user who accesses your content.

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Traffic Director is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution; we control every aspect of your DNS load balancing that will allow you to be free from buying hardware, installing software or hiring more IT engineers.