Pay As You Go

Terms & Conditions

  • Free credit of $15 on signup which is equal to 1TB BW & 10GB Free Storage included.
  • Lifetime free account after signup with per GB pricing of .0143 USD.
  • Once the limit has reached 100%, your service will be active up to 24 hours before suspension where you will be able to add fund.
  • Minimum top up of $15 to $5000.
  • One stream included for live streaming purpose.
  • 100 zones included, for additional Zones, kindly contact sales.
  • If the usage reaches 200%, i.e 2TB, the service gets suspended with immediate effect and the suspension email is send.

PAYG Working Logic:

1. When a product/service has been provisioned (after module create successful), credit balance is added to client account.

  • The credited amount is the first amount that the client is paid via invoice.
  • If the first invoice is 0.00 (by adding a promo code), then $15 is added as credit.

2. The cron is run at every 30th min of an hour.

  • The reports gets imported from the "last updated" time till (-1 hr) (ie; if current time is 0730, then reports get imported till 0600).
  • The reports are build for all PAYG services of a client. Each service include Live, DVR & Zones report as applicable to a client.
  • 1hr is the time for CDN partners to build the reports correctly.
  • If its a first run, then the reports are imported from May 1st 2017.
  • If the usage on a zone/site is above 1GB, then its added to the system as a billable item.
  • On 1st day of every month, at 0130 hrs, a forced update is done. This is for importing logs of client with low usage.

3. On every hour, sum of the amounts of billable items are compared with the client's credit balance.

  • If the sum of billable items is $15 OR sum is greater that credit balance THEN an invoice is generated and paid using client's credit balance.
  • If the invoice is not paid in full (ie; client doesnt have enough credit balance of $15) THEN the service is set to be suspended after 24hrs and alert email is send.
  • An "AddFund" invoice of $15 is generated, for the client to top-up the account else $15 will be automatically reduced from client credit balance and "Paid" invoice is send to client, detailing the usage for each zone/site
  • Usage Alerts are send to the clients from 70% of credit balance used upto 200%.
  • If the sum of the billable item amount is 200% than that of the credit balance, service is suspended immediately and a service suspension email is send.

4. On every hour, the client that are due in payment (ie; PAYG services set to be suspended after 24hr), are checked. If there are any, then all of the PAYG services under that user is suspended.

5. On client making a payment, and he has no more due invoices, all the PAY services for the client gets unsuspended automatically. And any services that are set to be suspended in 24hrs are cleared from database.

Note: Here if the client has more than one PAYG services, then all services gets suspended. Client cannot make partial payments to unsuspend few of the services. If they needed so, they have contact support and it has to be manually unsuspended.