Pay As You Go Tos


  • A setup fee of $5 USD is required to activate the account, the setup fee is credited towards your account which you may use to pay off any invoice under your account.
  • Lifetime free account after signup with per GB pricing of 0.0143 USD for zone BW.
  • Once the limit has reached 100%, your service will be active up to 24 hours before suspension were you will be able to add fund.
  • Minimum top up of $15 to $5000.
  • Live streaming BW is unlimited, need to buy stream name and concurrent viewers.
  • 100 zones included, for additional Zones, kindly contact sales.
  • If the usage reaches 200%, i.e 2TB, the service gets suspended with immediate effect and the suspension email is send.

PAYG Working Logic

1. Reports are run on the client’s account every 30 minutes, using Cron.

  • Reports are imported approximately every 24 hours for Pay As You Go services. These reports are built individually for each client, depending on the specific services that they use.
  • Client usage is added to the system as a billable item if the usage is above 1 GB.

2. The amount billable is compared with the client’s credit balance every hour.

  • If the sum of billable items is less than $15 or the available credit balance, an invoice is generated and paid using the.
  • If the client does not have enough credit to pay the balance and the invoice cannot be paid in full, services will be suspended 24 hours after an alert email is sent.
  • Once a client uses 70% of their available credit, usage alerts are sent. Alerts will continue to be sent until a client uses 200% of their available credit balance. At this point, services will be suspended immediately.

3. Client accounts with due payments are monitored every hour. Pay As You Go services are set to be suspended after 24 hours if invoices are not paid.

4. Upon paying all due invoices, all Pay As You Go services for the client are re-activated automatically. Any services that may have been set to be suspended are cleared from the database.

Note 1: If the client has more than one Pay As You Go service, all services are suspended. Clients cannot make partial payments in order to re-activate individual services. If a client desires to do so, they can contact customer support where individual services can be manually re-activated.

Note 2: Regular TOS applies along with this.