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Superior User Experience Across All Major Platforms

Over the Top (OTT) allows the users to enjoy live TV, video on demand, and recorded streams on the go anytime and anywhere. Our middleware allows you to manage your customer subscription, content management, and customer billing.

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Reach Your Audience Anywhere In The World

Advanced solutions let you deliver modern TV services while maintaining quality regardless of the distribution technology. Eliminate the latency or any interruption in your content delivery.

Reduce Latency

With multiple PoPs across the globe, there is limited to no possibility of long buffering or interruption in your content delivery.

Seamless & Smooth delivery

By optimizing our platform for streaming, we ensure the most seamless content delivery without having to compromise on quality.

No Limitations

We are here to offer you a free hand to deliver high-quality content to any screen or device, anywhere in the world.

Why 5centsCDN For OTT Platforms?

High-speed content delivery

Offer your customers a viewing experience with no interruptions or minimum latency with 5centsCDN’s advanced solutions.

Workflow Management

We let you focus on your content without having to worry about the whole streaming workflow and management stuff i.e transmuxing, distribution, etc

Stats and reports

You can analyze the overall bandwidth performance at any time by looking at the real-time user statistics and reports.


No hidden charges that rip you off in the name of high-quality services. We offer cost-effective deals while maintaining quality.


High-end, foolproof security is provided to keep your content secure from all kinds of intrusions via authentication tokens and geo-blocking.


5centsCDN supports all major streaming protocols such as RTMP, RTSP, HLS, and DASH. So don’t worry, your content is in good hands.

Set-Top Box

Ready for your platform to take off? Let’s get in touch to learn how we can offer you customized CDN solutions for high-quality OTT delivery.

Give your customers the best viewing experience.

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